Five Thing


1. We’ve had a good week around here, but I’m ready for the weekend. I’m excited to hang out with some wonderful people, spend some quality time with my family, and – most importantly, have my hubby home so I can sleep in. (It’s all about priorities.) What fun things do you have cookin?

2. I plan on making this recipe for Apple Pie Sundaes this weekend. How delicious does that look???

3. So it looks like the fall jean trend is leaning towards a higher waist and straighter leg (think boyfriend jeans). But, if you are like me and still love your skinnies, don’t despair. here are some great suggestions on how to incorporate your skinny jeans into other Fall 2016 styles, like the velvet blazer.  Continue reading

20 Fun Things To Do This Fall

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Hey friends, it’s officially Fall 2016! That means it’s time for all of us who have been dragging our feet and hoping that summer will last forever to finally get in the game with the PSL-drinking, plaid-wearing, pumpkin-eating knuckleheads who have been doing their best to usher us into season for the past month ;-).

I love summer, but I’ll concede that fall is a lovely time of year. Fall in this part of Ohio is absolutely stunning and there are some really wonderful traditions that come along with it.

To kick off this fall season, I’m sharing with you my family’s Fall Bucket List. Many of the items can be done anywhere you might find yourself this fall season. There are only a few items specific to Northeastern Ohio. You can use those suggestions as inspiration to find similar events near you, or you could plan a little road trip and come see what all our neck of the woods has to offer😉. Continue reading

The Best New Place For Kids In Northeastern Ohio: Jump n Shout


Families in the Northeastern Ohio area are in for a treat. Recently, Neil and Natasha Wood of Wooster, Ohio, opened the doors to their new business – Jump n Shout – a one stop fun and entertainment area for kids of all ages. I got the chance to sit down with the couple recently to hear more about their story and to check out their new facility. I left so excited to come back with my kids and my friend’s kids. This place, is awesome.

Neil and Natasha have two kids of their own – an eight year old son and a four year old daughter. They noticed that it was difficult to find places that both their children enjoyed.

“All of the places we visited cater to children of the same age, which means someone is always missing out,” Neil noted.

The couple also struggled to find fun things to do with the kids in the winter. The couple is originally from South Africa where it is sunny all the time and as a result, most activities are outdoors.

“But then we moved to Ohio for work,” said Natasha, “and we needed to find something to do when the weather turned cold. Continue reading

Our Trip To Yellow Springs

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Eleven years ago, Mike and I got married while we were still in college. During that time, we lived just north of Dayton, Ohio, near Yellow Springs.

I know most people say your first year of marriage is the hardest, but that just wasn’t our story. Those first two years were so special. We went to school during the day and worked in a coffee shop as baristas at night.

Mike graduated my senior year and found a construction job, restoring historic Yellow Springs’s homes to their former glory. We had absolutely no money. I mean, I know people always say they “have no money,” but seriously people. Living on love wasn’t so much a sentiment as it was just a fact.

And man, we were happy.

But then.

I graduated college and we panicked, so we moved back “home” (northeastern Ohio) until we could find something safe to do. Logically, it made sense to leave Yellow Springs. We didn’t have any career prospects, family near by, or now that college was over – a place to live.

Hindsight is funny. Continue reading

The Myth Of Quality Time

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I originally posted this last year, but I was reminded of this idea recently and thought it was worth re-posting. I’m a classic example of someone who tries to micromanage experiences to achieve maximum quality time. I can get so focused on creating the perfect experience that I fail to notice the natural and spontaneous ones. In fact, often times, the most memorable experiences are the ones that weren’t planned. They were the ones that you only see if you are intentional about showing up each day and putting the time into the relationships that matter to us most. The myth about quality time is that it isn’t a thing or an experience. It’s not an isolated event. It’s a life. It’s a collection of little things that, upon reflection, are truly everything

Anyways. I hope you read this today and enjoy. 

I recently read an op-ed column of The New York Times  with a very provocative and intriguing title: The Myth of Quality Time. 

This article made my heart sing. You can find the whole piece here, and I highly recommend you give it a read. Continue reading

Five Things


1. Every year, my husband takes our kids to the Dollar Tree and lets them pick out something to give me for my birthday. Last night at dinner, they were so excited to hand me their gifts. I unwrapped Theo’s first – white candlesticks. That kid. Did he know I was out? I told him that I needed new candlesticks and he looked at me with this huge smile and was so proud of his gift. Oliver’s gift was also of the candle variety – two “tropical breeze” candles that smell like sun tan lotion, in a good way. Those little gifts kinda made my day. I love that Mike does this for me. I love that he asks the boys to pick something out for me. Those little $1 gifts means more than I could really ever say.

2. Mike gave me a box of Lush bath bombs. A friend of mine gave me some bath bombs last year for my birthday and I was sad to use up the last one a few weeks ago. He also remembered that I struck out the last time I was in Lush, looking for the Karma body powder that I’ve used for years and adore, but they apparently don’t make anymore. Do you see where this is going? He paid attention to those experiences and got me a gift that said, “Hey. I see you. I get you.” He has this whooole birthday gift giving thing buttoned up.

3. We went out last night as a family for dinner. We sat on a patio. The boys ran around and scooped up bites of mac-and-cheese as they flew by the table. Beatrice sat in her carrier and gummed a hunk of baguette and was happy as a clam. (Girl after my own heart. Carrrrbs) Midway through our meal, a couple came in and sat down a few tables away. Mike and I were just eating and chatting, enjoying our night. I walked over to pick up Bea at one point, and I herd the husband say, “Oh! There are three of them.” referring to our kids. I don’t think he meant that in a nice way. But it made me smile. Yes. There are three of them. My three babies. My three little gifts.  Continue reading

32 Things I Love

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Today is my 32 birthday. Let us rejoice!

(No, but seriously.)

I think the thing I love about birthdays the most is that it’s a pretty darn good reason to get together with the people you love. What I love about my birthday is that I get a solid month’s worth of excuses to make plans with some of my favorite people on this planet. It’s just the best. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

So, in honor of the day of my birth. Here is a list of 32 things I love right now: Continue reading

Our Ohio Bucket List: Blue Hen Falls


My family and I hail from northeast Ohio, and we love getting out together to hike, explore, and have our little adventures. I love sharing these experiences with you! As we continue to get out and about, I’ll come back to His Girl Friday to share these spots that you should add to your Ohio Bucket List. I love hearing your suggestions on places we should visit, so keep them coming! But rest assured, I’ll only recommend Ohio Bucket List items that I’ve personally experienced and enjoyed. I’m also still compiling our family’s Fall Bucket List, so lots of good things are heading your way!

I’ve also had a reader request to share how my family goes hiking with three little ones. Be on the lookout for that post next week, which I’ll be partnering with Summit Metro Parks to bring you. In the mean time, take a look at our recent hiking trip to Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and add it to your Ohio Bucket List!

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Continue reading

Saying Yes, Even When It Scares You: A Foster-Adoption Story


Today I’m so honored to share with you a story that I know will touch your heart and leave you feeling inspired. I’m incredibly grateful that my friend has so graciously and eloquently shared her foster-adoption story with us today. Her story is a gift to us all.

No names or ages have been used for the sake of anonymity to protect and respect the family. Continue reading

Our Family’s Favorite Fall Recipes


I love summer cusine, but isn’t there somthing so cozy and nostalgic about the food we prepare and serve this time of year? The cinnamony smell of pumpkin baked goods. The sizzle of fresh greens on the stove. The satisfying taste of a perfectly flakey, buttery crust on a veggie filled pot pie.

I’m hungry just thinking about it.

Thanks to a suggestion from my dear friend, Diane, I’m sharing with you some of my family’s favorite recipes that I make each fall. I hope you’ll give a few of these a try and let me know what you think! Continue reading