Thursday Things I Love: Cold Walks, Hot Soup, and Fall Photos

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this little buddy


It’s been fun to see Oliver’s personality start to really shine now that big brother is away at school during the day. He is talking up a storm, content to play for hours, and generally the biggest silly goose you’ve ever met.

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I babysat for our neighbor recently and we all had so much fun baking up a storm.


Our final product. So yummy! Continue reading

Things That Are Lovely And True

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The two things I’m most grateful from October are:

1.) My sweet Oliver turned three.

2.) The weather, bless it, stayed warm and wonderful and it just felt like the best gift ever.

The two things I’m most grateful for from October are:

1.) I was reminded that I love being a mom. I love what I do and I do what I love. I love that I have the freedom to fill my day with good things. Really good things. That is enough. I am enough.

2.) I spent some time with several different people this month that encouraged me big time.  Continue reading

Conversations I Have With The Mirror

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It can not be overstated.

The amount of physical changes a woman goes through in order to bring her babies into the world is no small thing.

We watch our bodies grow and change. We watch the numbers on the scale go up, and then come back down. We size up our jeans to accommodate a growing belly, then search for a new normal after it’s all said and done.

We look in the mirror, day after day, trying to recognize the person reflected.

Is that me? Is that how I look now?  Continue reading

On Finding Greatness


As I write this, my heart is racing and my hands are shaking. Is it the coffee? Today is, after all Sunday, which means my body is 90% caffeine, 10% sleep.

But I don’t think it’s the coffee, or the sleepless nights; I think it’s excitement.

I feel excited…I feel freed to be doing what I’m doing, knowing that it matters. Knowing that it’s enough.

Let me explain.

I’ve been reading a lot of things over the past year that has pretty much wrecked me for all eternity. It started with this: Continue reading

Five Things


1. Last night, my husband had to work late. He is a teacher (6th grade math), and his school was holding parent-teacher conferences. I was not exactly feeling up to the challenge, mentally or physically, of our normal kind of dinners. I babysat for someone earlier in the day and let me tell you, three kids ages three and under know how to bring the party. Anyways. So for dinner, we all got into our jammies, I put on a movie (The Little Prince on Netflix), and made a batch of stop top popcorn for us all to share.

If you’ve never made your stovetop popcorn with coconut oil then all I can say to you is quick!!!! Do it now! It will change your life. Here is a little recipe to get you started:

4 TB coconut oil + 2/3 C popcorn kernals + 3 TB butter = your life never being the same

2. I saw these fun trips mapped out that take you to see some of America’s craziest road side attractions. I’ve never been out west, but some of those trips look like a lot of fun. Also, how did I not know that the world’s biggest cuckcoo clock sits less than an hour away from me? (Probably because I don’t care, but still.)

3. I read that there could be a new breastfeeding emoji added soon, as it was one of the top 30 requested in the past year. How cool is that? Also included in the list of most requested was a yoga emoji, a sandwich, and broccoli. Seriously? Broccoli? What about an avocado? Serious oversight, if you ask me.🙂 Oliver recieved an emoji matching game for his birthday at it is one of the simply joys of my day to hear Theo and Oliver say the word “emoji.” So. Funny.

4. Do you dress your kids up for Halloween? What fun costumes have you done? Here is a list of adorable ideaslist of adorable ideas for dressing up your baby (I died at the pineapple one).  Continue reading

Thursday Things I Love: Late Night Apple Crisp, Perfect Fall Days, And Babies In The Sink

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Listen gang. There is  a lot of nonsense going on in the world today. I can’t guarantee anything. I can’t fix anything. I don’t even know what the heck I’m doing most days. I’m in a funk right now where I feel simultaneously grateful – oh so grateful – for the life I’m living, but also doubting everything about it. Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why do I believe the things I believe? Am I doing enough?

I have this friend who is really just my sister. I don’t mean “just” in the lesser sense. I mean it in the, “let’s just call it for what it is” sense. We sisters. She my people.

I was talking to her about life and wishing we could just sit on one of our couches and talk all night long about the things that are weighing on our hearts, but to do so I would have to drive to North Carolina or she would have to drive to Ohio. Life can be disappointing like that. Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch with your sister and hold hands and cry and let the words just spill out.

I told her that, right now, my heart is just heavy from all the stuff in the world.

She, in all her infinite wisdom, asked me to think of one thing I’m doing right as a mom, and one thing I need to let go of as a mom.

Ah. That was it. I don’t need to fix it all.

What is one thing you are doing right? What is one thing you need to say to yourself, “Self! This is not yours to carry!”

And then, look at these adorable pictures. They are sure to perk you right up.  Continue reading

How To Make Fall 2016 Fashion Trends Work With The Clothes In Your Closet

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I’m pretty excited by the fall 2016 trends I’m seeing. But, since I’m sticking with my clothing capsule experiment, I don’t have any plans to do much shopping. True to the essence of building a clothing capsule, I was able to go out and get myself a new pair of jeans to replace the ones that no longer fit, and I found myself a new dress to wear to an upcoming wedding because I gave away my old options. But that will be it for my shopping. No looking for the latest and greatest piece. No searching for clothes to fit a certain trend. For me, it’s always about reworking old pieces in  new ways. It’s about looking at current trends and then heading to your closest, not the mall, to make it work. (Make it work! Oh Tim Gunn.)

I enlisted the help of my friend and local fasionista, stylist, hairdresser, and all around stylish gal – Angie – to help me put together this post of fun ways to incorporate fall trends into your existing wardrobe. Take a look at the great, on-trend outfits we put together without out purchasing anything new.  Continue reading

We Don’t Get Yesterday Back, And That’s Ok


Oliver turned three on Monday. We celebrated with a little party on Sunday evening in our back yard, complete with gorgeous fall foliage and a mini hayride for the kids.

All week Oliver would go up to complete strangers and say, “I’m havin a party! Wanna come eat cake?”

He woke up from his nap on Sunday afternoon, sat down on the basements steps to talk to me while I cleaned, and ask, “Is it time for my parrrteeee yet?”

“Not yet,” I said. “We have just a few more hours.”

“I’m havin cake,” he whispered to himself.

It’s fun seeing how my kids are so different. It’s fun seeing them grow and develop and change. It’s fun to see their little personalties start to bud and to watch them become someone completely their own.

Oliver is outgoing, funny, and bit of a ham. He ran around with the big kids at his party, thrilled to be hanging with the older boys. He ate three helpings of food. He opened his presents with such excitement, then ran up to the gift-givers for a hug and a kiss.

At three, he is so full of life, fun, and silliness that it’s hard to picture him as a baby. Is that a bad thing? I don’t want to forget my kids’ baby-ness, and I know that’s probably not a real concern with all the photos, the Chatbooks, etc. But it’s bittersweet, to love the person they are becoming yet mourn the loss of their babyhood.

I look forward to growing with my kids. I know that each stage will hold it’s joys and wonders, as well as it’s challenges and struggles. I know that three will be great, because one and two were great.

Maybe the sadness stems from an awareness that time stops for no one. It continues to march on, whether we are ready for the next day or not. Whether we are ready for the next age, or not. Part of me feels like the kids reach a new age or stage of development juuuust about the time that I start to feel as though I’ve got a handle on the old one.

Maybe the sadness is more of a recognition that I’ll never actually have a handle on any of this. There is no figuring it out. There is only now – living and loving with lots of grace, forgiveness, and joy.  Continue reading

Five Things


1. This weekend, Mike and I are going on the search for some great pizza. Pizza, in my opinion, is basically the best thing ever. You know how people are always saying “so and so is my spirit animal?” I’m pretty sure Garfield is mine. Anyways. I’m so excited. Stay tuned.

2. I’m going to order all five of these new books from the library. Has anyone read them?

3. I think I’m going to make this Apple Crumb Cake this week. Yay for apple season!

4. I took Theo with me to my cousin’s bridal shower the other day. I asked him if he had fun as we were on our way home. He said yes, but he was confused why Bethany never did get a shower at her party. I told him a “shower” was just an expression. It meant we would shower her with gifts, not give her a literal shower in the bathtub. He wasn’t impressed. He was expecting bubbles.  Continue reading

Thursday Things I Love: New Books, Jeans, And A Fresh Perspective On Motherhood


Hey friends. I’m writing this post on Thursday morning, which is unusual. I try to write my posts in advance and schedule them, but sometimes life doesn’t work on schedule. (Sometimes? Maybe all the times.) I was thinking the other day about my tendency to take one thing off my plate just to add two new things. Why do I do that? I was also thinking about how, when I get frustrated with the normal that I start to desperately seek the new…instead of just taking a hard look at what is in my normal that’s causing frustration. It’s counterintuitive to add new things to an already overwhelmed schedule, but I guess it’s easier to dive head first into something new and shiny than to do the work it requires to polish up the old and worn out.

Does this make any sense?

Hello. It’s me….

Mind meanderings and Adele aside, it’s a rainy Thursday morning and I kind of love me some rainy Thursdays. By time I get to Thursday, I welcome the unscheduled, supernatural nudge to take a beat, pause, slooooow things down.

It’s been a good week, but man, yesterday was a hard day for me. For a lot of little reasons. Everything felt overwhelming. Everything felt beyond my control.

But as I’m reminding myself this morning, feelings are indicators, not dictators, and while I might feel a certain way, I don’t have to live a certain way.

I started a new book yesterday. That makes a total of seven that I have in my current rotation. That is not a braggy statement, but rather, and indication of my scattered mental state. Just sit down and finish a book already, you know? Anyways.

The book I started is Falling Free by Shannan Martin. I read her introduction with a sort of crazed hunger. A recognition that she was putting to words the emotions that have been circulating in my brain for quite some time. She writes:

God rescued me from the life I always wanted. He plucked my family up from our dream farmhouse, stripped us of our financial stability and personal esteem, and shattered our obsessions with security, safety, and common sense. Without warning he yanked the rungs from the ladder we were busy climbing, and we fell. Down at his feet, unburdened of the things we’d held so tightly in our desperate quest for freedom, we found the life we were made for….The freedom was in the falling. Continue reading