Five Things


1. Yesterday I had a startling realization. With Theo at school, all of the children still a home with me are NAPPERS! I have my nap time back to do whatevvvver I want! Throw ya hands in the air! Hey! Ho!

2. Are you good at small talk? At meeting new people? I try to push myself to be more outgoing than I really am, because I’ve discovered that most people really are nice. If they appear rude, snobbish, or unfriendly, 9 times out of 10 it’s because they are insecure, shy, or having a hard day! You would not believe the amazing conversations I’ve had just because I got over myself and struck up a conversation with someone. It’s not easy, and I’ve had plenty of misfires, but I’ve also made some new friends that way. I recently read this post about how to improve your small talk skills, and I think it’s spot on! Not only will this help you navigate conversations, it will help both you and who you are speaking to be more authentic. Continue reading

Thursday Things I Love: These Days

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Theo went off to kindergarten  today.

I spent all of last evening writing his name on his bookbag and lunchbox, making his lunch, and looking at baby pictures. I do NOT recommend the latter to any moms who are struggling with sending their kids off to school. I kept looking at this one photo and just thinking about how he used to be a BABY and now he is NOT and WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR?

Good grief. Someone tell me to tighten up already.

We had a great week together. I wanted to finish the summer strong, so I spoiled all three kids. I filled our days with fun activities and special treats, because childhood is fleeting these are the days where you can communicate your love through sugary snacks and trips to the park and I wanna soak it ALLLLL UP.

Take a look at what I loved from this week:

this final bucket list item Continue reading

Five Things


1. I keep telling my husband that maybe we just need to sell our house and our belongings, buy an RV, and take this show on the road. He could sell his beautiful woodworking from city to city across the US and it would be one heck of a way to see the country. Imagine the sights! Imagine what the kids would learn! (He says we already have one too-few bedrooms, but still…It would be an adventure!) This couple actually quit their jobs and traveled by VW bus from Alaska to Argentina. Hashtag inspiration!

2. My oldest son had his first night of testing and orientation for kindergarden this week. Whew. Talk about feeling all the feelings and thinking all the thoughts! My friend sent me this fascinating article that talks about how “Young children today continue to learn best by watching the everyday things that grown-ups do, from cleaning the house to fixing a car.” It’s a great read, especially for parents! Continue reading

Thursday Things I Love: Splash Pads, Paddle Boats, and Fresh Herbs


This week was full of essential summer activities and I’ve loved it. It’s been hot. We’ve been near the water a ton. I took an awesome yoga class. I’ve made and eaten a ton of great food. We’ve spent some great time together as a family. And I even cleaned my house. Wait. That’s a lie. My house is a totally disaster. But the rest of the things are true! Who needs a clean house when you have a summer bucket list of actives that you are scrambling to accomplish before everyone goes back to school? Not this girl. Cleaning can wait. Take a look at some of the things I loved from the week: Continue reading

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe Like A Mother


So I know I’ve talked about creating a capsule wardrobe in the past, but things have taken a serious and exciting turn in the wardrobe department. Namely, I gave up my glorious, walk-in closet with the built in shoe rack and shelves to house something much more precious than clothing – my little girl.

So my closet is now Bea’s room, which meant it was time to get down to business on this whole capsule wardrobe thing. In the past, I would just pack up whatever didn’t make it into the current season’s capsule and store it in my closet. That, is no longer an option. Not to mention the fact that I was starting to feel physically oppressed by the shear volume of stuff. I had all these things that were still in great shape but belonged to a different me who did different things. A me that no longer exists. Their daily presence in my life just stressed me out. It was time to go. Continue reading

A DIY Outdoor Play Space For Our Kids


We’ve been wanting to create a fort/treehouse/playhouse for the kids for awhile now. Recently, Mike and I put our heads together to create a space that would grow with the kids; a space where they could play, create, imagine, and even camp out. I wanted it to be part club house, part stage for little productions, part cabin in the woods. I wanted it to be kind of an a-frame structure, with a deck.

Mike executed my vision to perfection. Better, even.

I can’t wait to see the boys use this space, and one day – Beatrice. We are calling it the Adventure Cottage, because this bad boy is built for adventure.

I can’t wait to hang a few hammocks for them to lounge in and read. I can’t wait for them to roll out a few sleeping bags and tell stories with a campfire perfect for roasting marshmallows near by. I can’t wait for them to put on silly little products on the deck, with us watching and laughing in our camp chairs.

This is going to be fun. This, is going to be an adventure. Continue reading

A Word On School Supply Lists


I remember back-to-school shopping when I was a kid. I was a bookworm, and nothing filled me with more pleasure than going out to buy all my supplies and a new book bag. I couldn’t wait to get to school. I organized my bag, I labeled my supplies, and then I went back to my summer reading list to try and sneak in one more book (or two) before school started.

This year, it will be my oldest child, Theodore, who goes off to school, and I recently took him shopping for school supplies.

Gone was the childlike excitement over freshly sharpened pencils and perfect, unused pink erasers. Instead of gleefully filling a book bag, I had to fight to suppress the sobs that filled my throat as I piled the supplies in my cart.

Among many other things, some of Theo’s required shopping list included: a pair of tennis shoes to leave at school year round, 16 glue sticks (which we will be asked to “refresh” midway through the year), a box of gallon zip lock bags, and four packs of crayons. FOUR.

Did you know that worldwide, there are over 62 million girls who aren’t in school? 62. MILLION. (source)

These girls aren’t in school because they either don’t have the infrastructure in place, they are too impoverished to attend, or because of their gender – they aren’t allowed. Millions more are fighting to stay in school, but it’s a losing battle for many of the aforementioned reasons.

My frustration over my son’s school supply list has very little to do with the hassle of shopping or the amount of money we spent, and everything to do with our culture’s misguided ideology of what is necessary for education.

We will cut art, music, and recess but 16 glue sticks are fundamental, crucial, to a child’s education.  Continue reading

Five Things


1. This week, I went to the movie theatre for a girls night with my good friend Sheila. I haven’t seen a movie in the theatre for yeeeeears! It was kind of the best thing ever. Date nights with your bestie are just the best, aren’t they?

2. Next week I’m going to make these delicious looking lavender cupcakes…using my home grown lavender! hashtag, excited.

3. My aunt is having  little get together tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing some family who is coming in from out of town. I plan on making this Roasted Butternut, Kale, and Cranberry Couscous salad. My friend made it for us last weekend and it’s delicious!  Continue reading