I’m Not Going To Let Insecurity Tell Me Who I Am, Anymore


Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. – The Queen B, Miss Brené Brown

I’ve been living in a haze of thoughts, emotions, questions, and revelations lately. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve felt dizzy with excitement. I’ve exhaled big breaths of stress that I didn’t even realize I’d been carrying. And stunningly, most of all, I’ve found pieces of myself that I never fully realized I possessed. Continue reading “I’m Not Going To Let Insecurity Tell Me Who I Am, Anymore”

An Update On My “15 Minutes A Day” Goal

A few months ago, I shared with you my goal to work out for 15 minutes a day.

Although I would describe myself as a regular exerciser, I have one fatal flaw – I tend to go all or nothing. I either go for a morning walk, do a workout at the kids’ nap time, and then throw in a little yoga to round it all out – or – I do nothing. I don’t like living in extremes, mostly because, well, I tend to gravitate towards them. I wanted to change my approach to be a little more balanced and to keep my workouts more consistent, so I gave myself a challenge: exercise every day for just 15 minutes. I could exercise for more if I had time or the energy/motivation, but the goal was just 15 minutes. It didn’t matter what I did, just that I did something.

(You can read that full post, here.)

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How I Created A Capsule Wardrobe For My Two Year Old Daughter

First, let me start by saying that I initially set out to write this well researched blogpost with all these time honored tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids.

But, it turns out, there are no time honored tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids. I mean, there are plenty of blog posts on the topic. But the tips out there are kind of terrible. They made me feel hot and stressed out. People make this WAY TOO COMPLICATED. So let me cut to the chase.

This is what went down –  Continue reading “How I Created A Capsule Wardrobe For My Two Year Old Daughter”

A Good Place To Be

We are in week two of officially homeschooling our oldest as a first grader. It has been….so many things. SO. MANY. THINGS.

On one hand, it is a ton of work. More than even last year’s test run with the final months of kindergarten could have prepared me for. This isn’t a test run, it’s the real deal and boy am I feeling the difference between “Hey let’s just see how it goes!” and “Ok we are doing this, people!” Continue reading “A Good Place To Be”

How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe Like A Mother

Below is a post I wrote almost a year ago exactly. I’m reposting it because a) it’s that time of year when I start to once again reassess my wardrobe to see what stays and what goes and b) I’ve had some renewed interest and questions from readers.

As I was re-reading the post, I was excited to see that this past capsule wardrobe has been not only successful in terms of giving me clothes that I love to wear, works for my lifestyle, and fits well, but also, this capsule has really freed me from my clothes. I find that I love my clothes for what they are – no more, no less. No more drama over what to wear. No more feeling like I constantly need to add more just because I stumble upon a good deal or see a trend I like. Honestly, I think about clothes so much less and the freeing feeling that this capsule has left me with can only be described as something akin to coming home after a long day, letting your hair down, taking your bra off, and sitting on the sofa in a pair of pants without a waistband.

That kind of freeing.

But there has also been this other result from my capsule that I didn’t expect – when I buy clothes that I genuinely like and that fit well, I choose, like, really awesome stuff. If you saw last week’s post about Four Things I Can’t Stop Wearing, then you saw a few pieces that I purchased recently that are just crazy beautiful/cool/functional/fun. All the words. I’m just appreciating my clothing so much more, mostly because I’m choosing better.

And that’s really what it’s all about, anyway. Better, more deliberate choices.

So anyways. Here is the post about how I created a capsule wardrobe that really, honestly works for me. I’m still using this same one. I’m stilling rocking my “uniform.” I still have some purging and letting go to do. But It’s becoming more and more second nature. Oh, and Bea is still in our closet and I still love it and I’m still using the stand alone wardrobe as my “closet” and I love that too. (Link for that is below). It’s all good.


So I know I’ve talked about creating a capsule wardrobe in the past, but things have taken a serious and exciting turn in the wardrobe department. Namely, I gave up my glorious, walk-in closet with the built in shoe rack and shelves to house something much more precious than clothing – my little girl.

So my closet is now Bea’s room, which meant it was time to get down to business on this whole capsule wardrobe thing. In the past, I would just pack up whatever didn’t make it into the current season’s capsule and store it in my closet. That, is no longer an option. Not to mention the fact that I was starting to feel physically oppressed by the shear volume of stuff. I had all these things that were still in great shape but belonged to a different me who did different things. A me that no longer exists. Their daily presence in my life just stressed me out. It was time to go. Continue reading “How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe Like A Mother”