Why I’m bad at yoga, and you can be too.

Today is my first “Friday” post. I’ve spent much of my time this week learning how to build my blog, so for my first inaugural His Girl Friday post, I want to share a book that I just finished reading. I talked so much about this book while I was reading it that my amazing hubby when out and bought it for me! (See! Persistence, while annoying to those around you, does pay off!)

The book, “Poser,” is by Claire Dederer, and in it she describes a period of her life and how yoga impacted who she was, and who she became. There is A LOT that I love about this book, but the thing I wanted to share with you is this wonderful little nugget that she shares about yoga that (bonus!) also applies to life:


This was my yoga MO: sheer determination. I would do it. No matter what. I was willing to make supreme effort…Somehow I couldn’t see the irony of grinding my way toward freedom…What was yoga if not effort? It would be a long time before I could entertain the notion that maybe my yoga would improve if I didn’t try so hard, and a longer time still before I began to question why my yoga needed to improve at all.

When I do yoga, I sweat. I exert a ton of energy. And I totally, 100% force myself to twist and bend in ways that my body doesn’t want to go. Now, the sweating and expending energy part is fine, because in case you haven’t tried yoga to know…it’s hard! But that last part – the part about muscling my way into poses – is the part that this book has inspired me to let go. In yoga, and in life!

There are going to be a lot of things in life that I’m bad at. And more still that I’m just mediocre at. But all this emphasis on measuring my ability level is counterproductive. I enjoy yoga. And while it may be true that I’ve practiced yoga for over 10 years and still can’t do a headstand, I’m ok with it.

So I encourage you to look at your own life and to see what you might be working a little too hard at. Some things we aren’t meant to excel at, we are simply meant to enjoy. For me, that’s yoga. I get to spend every Monday night with my girl Rhiannon, doing Down Dog and talking about life. It doesn’t get much better than that.


(The pose I’m doing in the pic is Revolved Side Angle. And I know what you’re thinking CG. No, that is not your shirt.)

One thought on “Why I’m bad at yoga, and you can be too.

  1. I am not much into yoga, cutting and splitting firewood is more my style. Bring your coveralls and expect a workout in the woods!

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