Take That, Pinterest!

Happy Friday readers! First, I want to thank all of you for your support and readership, and for the fantastic response to last week’s post. Thank you for liking, pinning, sharing, following, and tweeting about His Girl Friday! I know you are anxious to hear who won the Edens Shower gift basket, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Congratulations to His Girl Friday reader….Diane! I’m thrilled that Diane has won the raffle, as she has been a faithful supporter of HGF since the beginning. Thanks Diane, and enjoy!

To everyone else, thank you for entering the drawing. I plan to do more give aways so keep an eye out for future ways to share, and be rewarded!

Let’s be real for a moment. Am I the only person who has a “complicated” relationship with Pinterest? If Pinterest was a real person, they would be that guy/girl in our life that passively-aggressively makes us simultaneously feel both better and worse about ourselves. I mean, come on. Who are these people with amazing wardrobes, fashionably styled homes, and time/energy/desire to do all of these amazing activities with their children???

Don’t get me wrong, I log onto Pinterest about once a day and I love pinning recipes, outfit ideas, ways to decorate my home, and fun things to do with my kids. I love feeling inspired to try something new. But, at the same time, I can’t help but feel like my Pinterest pages are silently mocking my reality. Does my home look like my board titled, “home decor”? No. Does my closest look similar to to my board titled, “clothes and outfits”? Definitely not. Is my home a revolving door of fun, creative yet educational projects with my kids? *sigh* NO, no it is not.

Lately, I’ve realized a rather earth-shattering truth about myself. I tend to create this ideal vision of what my home/kids/life should look like and when my reality doesn’t match my vision, I get a little discouraged.

Can you relate?

But that realization wasn’t what was earth-shattering. What really rocked my world this past week was the idea that even though things may not meet my exceedingly high, and often times impossible expectations, I can still thoroughly enjoy my reality, just as it is.

 I realized that a lot of my disappointment and stress was the result of me expecting something very, very particular and feeling like a failure when that didn’t materialize. Even worse, I stopped exploring, stopped pushing myself, and held back from testing boundaries, because the outcome may not be perfect. At the heart of what I’m saying is that if I couldn’t be guaranteed a perfect outcome, then I wouldn’t attempt it at all.

My original goal for 2014 was to push myself in my yoga practice. So far, that has been a huge success. I’ve assumed a fearless attitude towards trying poses that I would have shied away from in the past, and with practice and patience, I’ve actually tackled some pretty challenging poses already.  Last week I successfully “flipped the dog” and this week, I finally stayed up in crow for more than three seconds, and added bird of paradise to my repertoire.

Why am I telling you this? Because, while I’ve found a great balance between accepting where I’m at with my yoga, and challenging myself to learn more and try new things, I’ve never once thought to apply this mindset to the rest of my life. Until now! For the past week, I’ve pushed myself into imperfect situations, attempted things that didn’t have a guaranteed positive outcome, and allowed myself to stop worrying and start enjoying just  a little more. The result was freeing, to say the least. Curious about what my week looked like? Take a look!

IMG_2206We took the whole family out for frozen yogurt. Baby O cried the whole time, but I realized his crying didn’t stress me out. The worry that it was stressing others stressed me out. I decided that if I can handle it 24-7 then strangers can handle it for 20 minutes. It was great to be out together.

IMG_2259You would not believe how much this kid cries from the photo, but trust me, the struggle is real. This photo was taken after I gave up trying to get Baby O to nap so I could do yoga. Surprisingly, he loved being on my mat with me and laid there contentedly while I did a whole yoga routine. It turned out to be a really special time together.

IMG_2258I set aside time to do a craft with Theo and together, we made homemade finger paint. He loved it because he got to make a “craft.” I loved it because it occupied him for close to two hours. (I used a recipe from Momtastic; it was quick and easy!)

IMG_2349After a lot of trial and error, I finally found a homemade granola bar recipe that I love. This particular batch wasn’t perfect because I baked it too long, but the flavor is unbelievably good and the recipe calls for common, but healthful ingredients. The recipe is one that I wrote down a long time ago from an unknown source, so I won’t include it here, but contact me if you’d like me to share it with you. (The mug is by Rhiannon Barnes. She is super talented and super cool. Contact me if you want more information on her amazing pottery.)

IMG_2345The boys and I had a coffee and cinnamon roll date with our good friends. Theo threw two and a half tantrums, but instead of feeling embarrassed and discouraged, I enjoyed my treat and (attempted) to take it all in stride.


IMG_2362Finger paint, Day 4. So, the finger paint eventually starts to congeal. Theo was not giving up though, so I let him have at it in the bath tub. He had a blast, and clean up couldn’t have been easier. Major win for mommy.

In one of my favorite yoga DVD’s, the instructor talks about how you should be breathing as you go through the poses. Her advise is: “Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.”

Sound dumb? Sound overly simply? Maybe. But I think we all need a little reminder from time to time to just…breath. Don’t worry about perfect outcomes. Don’t hold back because of uncertainty. Don’t compare yourself to a perfect, unattainable standard. Just take a deep breath, and go for it.






4 thoughts on “Take That, Pinterest!

  1. Ah, even though I did not win the giveaway, this is my favorite post yet! I am so happy you did all of this this past week AND with such an inspirational attitude. I too can get ahead of myself when pinning away on Pinterest, but I did find a neat idea this week for attempting new things and I think your blog encouraged me to follow through with it, even if the outcome isn’t Pinterest perfect lol.

  2. I believe we touched on something like this the other day but I have to reiterated it – I LOVE/HATE Pinterest too! Seeing endless examples of other moms doing super educational, creative activities with their toddlers makes me feel very inadequate and boring. Seeing photos of perfectly decorated and organized homes makes me want to wilt into my old carpet. And last but not least are the delicious looking dishes that people claim are “whipped together” or “easy” that makes me feel like I’m starving my husband because he has to lower his standards to eat the mediocre plate I present to him each evening. So needless to say, I can relate to your blog post this week. Thank you for giving me encouragement to try on a new pair of glasses and see things a different way. And by the way, I am going to try out the finger painting craft with my son!
    And….I’m soooooo excited I won the basket – I never ever win anything!!! I look forward to reading your blog each week. Keep up the wonderful job!

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