Life’s A Garden. Dig It!


Dear Ohio Weather,

I am writing to officially call a truce. We Ohioans have endured all kinds of your shenanigans over the past seven months or so; we’ve put up with long months of cold temps, more snow than a person should ever have to see, and weeks upon weeks of gray, dreary days. I’ve hated you, Ohio Weather, oh how I’ve hated you. I’ve pined for the warmth of other states. I’ve day-dreamed about trading you in for a more friendly climate. But then, you go and do something and totally redeem yourself! This week was glorious! Well done Ohio Weather, well done.


His Girl Friday

PS Don’t get smug. I’ve forgiven you, but we still aren’t friends. You’ve got a long way to go to get back in my good graces. Don’t mess it up.


Thanks to this week’s gorgeous weather, I was able to spend every day outside working in my flower beds. Here in Ohio, we still aren’t clear of potential frost damage, so I haven’t started my garden yet. But gardening season is just around the corner! (I plan to talk about my garden in an upcoming post, so let me know if you have any particular questions or areas of interest that you’d like me to cover.) Until then, I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy and satisfy my itch to be outside and play in the dirt. IMG_3296

We’ve only been in our home for two years now, but this will be our third summer. However, since one summer was occupied with getting settled, the next with major projects, and last summer I was basically useless to all mankind because of  a difficult pregnancy, this is the first real opportunity I’ve had to focus some time and energy on my flower beds. I’m pumped!

I started this week out with doing some much needed weeding. Theo was quite the little helper. He would pick up the weeds I had pulled, toss them in his bucket, and trek back and forth to the compost pile to empty his load. I’m sorry to say that Oliver wasn’t much help. He mostly just sat around and looked cute.

Gardner for hire. Will work for PB&J.
Cute, but not very helpful.

Once weeding was done, I started to assess our landscaping situation. While we have some mature plants in our flower beds, I can’t say I’m overly in love with what we have. I love flowers, but I would describe our landscaping as mostly….bushes. Boring, right? Until this year, I’ve tried to think of ways to incorporate what I like into the existing layout. But this week, well, this week I had enough. So I got out my shovel and went to work.

The carnage.
The carnage.


And then, when I went as far as I could go, I call dad! He came over and helped me dig out those yellow bushes you see in the above photo. Gone! Finally, I have room to plant some pretty flowers and I can make this space look how I want! I can’t wait to go the the nursery and see what I can find to make this space burst with color. And, as an added bonus, we were able to save the bushes we took out and transplant them at the back of the property. They will look much better there. Alone. Back where no one will see them.


My next and final project for the week was to plant some herbs and annuals in pots to decorate our patios. I decided not to plant too many herbs or flowers this year because I didn’t want more than I could reasonably maintain while also making sure the human members of my family remain healthy and alive this summer. I don’t want any causalities, human or plant.

I’m excited to get to my garden next, but I’l be taking the same “less is more” approach. I’m planning on including lettuce, onions, one tomato plant, one cucumber plant and then lots of flowers to attract bees, butterflies and other garden friendly insects. I will be sure to keep you posted!

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3 thoughts on “Life’s A Garden. Dig It!

  1. I can relate to your sour attitude towards Ohio weather!
    Yesterday my husband took a vacation day from work (but it was hardly a vacation for us)….we weeded, removed half dead bushes, re-graded our soil in our landscape and spread new mulch. All the while keeping a 3 year old and 9 month old happy, fed, napped and a trip to the salon for their hair cuts. I was hoping to have flowers purchased & plated but that just didn’t happen…..another project for another day. I would love to tap into your gardening tips because we would love to plant a small, manageable garden this year.

  2. I was just wondering yesterday what kind of cool things you plant in your garden. Oh, and I did a little weeding myself yesterday….emphasis on little.

  3. You need to come over and get some starts from our flower gardens. We are re-doing some beds and digging up a lot of plants . We have some dug for your mom. Ev has lettuce, spinach,radishes and onions up already. Call me.

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