Checking In, Before Heading Back Out

Guys, we seriously have a duck living in our yard!

The other day Theo and I were out playing in the rain and we decided to take a stroll around the yard. I started to walk through some tall grass and…out flew a duck! Theo was thrilled, and by thrilled, I mean he chased the poor thing through the yard yelling “quack quack” at the top of his lungs. Well, I thought that was the end of it. (I mean, what duck in their right mind would come back after that, right?) But no…we were back there again yesterday and momma duck has most definitely made a little home in the back corner of our yard. Ahhh, nature. Who knew our yard would host such a menagerie? First a fox this winter, and now, a duck!

"The Duck"
“The Duck”
The duck fleeing. Theo chasing...pantless...
The duck fleeing. Theo chasing…pantless…
Playing in the rain...again, pantless
Playing in the rain…again, pantless

Between the warmer temps, the summer-like thunderstorms, the duck and the budding flowers, we are feeling in pretty good spirits these days. It is such a relief to be able to go outside, feel the warmth on your skin, to drink in the sunshine and to see life every where you turn.


I’m looking forward to summer projects, spending lots of time outside and enjoying the sense of freedom and fun that comes with springtime and summer. I’m also excited to see how our families new ritual will develop in the coming months. We tried our family “blanket time” last week and we all really enjoyed ourselves. We played a game together, had a snack, read some silly pet poems, and Theo took a few selfies. All-in-all, it lasted about 30 minutes before Oliver started crying and Theo was ready to move on to the next activity, but I still chalk it up as a ritual “win.” We came together as a family, had some fun, and for a few moments, just enjoyed some intentional time together.

The game we played is called “The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game” and it is AWESOME! Theo loves this game. It is an easy enough concept for toddlers, but fun enough that adults don’t absolutely go crazy with boredom when they play it ;-).





Theo's Selfie
Theo’s Selfie

As far as traditions go, this mom is excited to see brunch on the agenda each and every Mother’s Day in the future. My boys whipped up some of my favorites for me and I ate til my little heart was content…and then some. All traditions should taste that good!


How about you, reader? Have you come up with any new traditions or rituals to incorporate into your family? I’ll continue to keep you updated as ours develop and grow.

See you Friday!


4 thoughts on “Checking In, Before Heading Back Out

  1. I have a outdoor family picnic ritual planned since reading your post about rituals…however with this wet or suddenly cold weather we’ve been having, it’s gotten postponed – I think I need to come up with an indoor ritual 🙂

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