Fun, Love and Other Important Things

This post is part of an on-going series, #LifeOnPurpose, where I’ve challenged myself to do something each day for the next 40 days- no matter how small – to slow down, notice my surroundings, and be intentional. It is part of my effort to live less on accident and more on purpose. You can read other posts in this series here:

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Day 9

I love my house. I mean, I really, really love my house. It is the first house my husband and I have ever owned and rarely a day goes by where we don’t comment on how much we love living in it. But, there is how much I love my home, and then there is how much I absolutely hate with a burning passion our downstairs bathroom. It’s old. It’s gross. It has a toilet seat with money in it. It somehow manages to be both tacky and disgusting at the same time.

So. Awful. Did I mention it was on an avocado green toilet??? Bleh.
So. Awful. Did I mention it was on an avocado green toilet??? Bleh.

Fortunately, the bathroom of doom’s number is up. The glazed block dungeon has horrified it’s last occupant and soon, I will have a light, airy, non-offensive bathroom to enjoy. I’m fortunate to have a husband who has many talents, one of which is remodeling, and this summer he is unleashing his magical powers to transform something ugly into something wonderful.

But, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, this has been a big year for us. We welcomed a second son to our family, and my husband started his Master’s program in addition to his full time job and side job. He is a busy guy, and does a lot more than I could possibly describe for our family. So tackling a huge remodeling project this summer is more than just a nice gesture on his part- it’s another example of how sacrificial and generous his love is for our family. IMG_6693 IMG_6683

This past week he made major progress on the remodel. The ugly glazed block and tacky toilet seat are resting in the bottom of a dumpster somewhere and new drywall is hung and ready for paint. We are all excited for this project, but at the end of the day, it isn’t just something exciting-it’s also work.

Making progress!
Making progress!

As I was thinking through what my challenge should be for Day 9, I was also thinking about how were all ready for a break. So for Day 9 of my #LifeOnPurpose challenge, I decided to focus on giving my family a well deserved break. It was time to have some fun together.IMG_4375 IMG_4385

Our budget for summer fun is small. Wait. Did I say small? I meant nonexistent. Fortunately, we have wonderful friends that let us bum around their pool at a moment’s notice. We packed the family up in the car, drove a few miles up the road, and spent a few glorious hours in the pool. We didn’t have anything we had to do. We didn’t have anything we had to accomplish. We simply relaxed and had fun together as a family. Both the boys love the water and we laughed and giggled as we splashed each other and soaked up every last bit of sunshine we could get. It was wonderful.

Our water babies!

The project and our responsibilities were still there when we came home, but that is ok. Because for one day, we told them to wait: we had more important things to do. 

Day 10

For Day 10 of my #LifeOnPurpose challenge, I wanted to carve out time in my day to take my boys and visit someone. It just so happened that some of my family was gathering at my grandma’s house for lunch that day, so I cleared my schedule for the early afternoon and together, me, Theo and Oliver headed out.

I’ve been amazed how becoming a parent has made me appreciate my extended family even more. As I sat at my grandmother’s dining room table and listened to her and my grandpa fuss over Oliver and heard Theo chatter excitedly with his second cousins, I was struck with feelings of happiness, gratitude, and contentment. I love seeing other people love my kids. It is an amazing thing. And somehow, it almost makes me happier than experiencing it first hand.

There wasn't a lot of food consumed at this lunch. But there was a lot of giggling and story telling.
There wasn’t a lot of food consumed at this lunch. But there was a lot of giggling and story telling.

Maintaining relationships with family isn’t easy. And truthfully, we can all push our extended family to the bottom of the list of relationships we work to maintain because we know they will always “be there.” But I think know, that it is worth taking the time to cultivate ties with our family. There is a lot of joy, fun and encouragement to be derived from spending time with people who may be completely different from us, and who we share no other common denominator other than the fact that we happen to be related. But sometimes, that can be enough. 




4 thoughts on “Fun, Love and Other Important Things

  1. Taking time out of a busy life is “so” important. Kind of like taking a deep breath and letting it out slow to relax. Thank you for the reminder. Our summers are short but I think this weekend is a great time to get away, even if it is only for a few hours. I think the tough part is finding places to go that are close, cost very little, and relaxing. If you have suggestions I am all ears. (smile)

    I too enjoy listing to all the chatter as family meets and to reflect on the past, the present and the hopes I have for the future. God has truly blessed us!

  2. I feel like that toilet seat deserves a comment though I’m not sure what to say about it. Have you considered cracking it open to help with the family’s summer fun budget?

    1. We HAVE considered it! But, apparently what happens in resin…stays in resin. There is no getting the money out! It is a shame too because half the coins are bi-centennial half dollars! Oh well. We are going to sell it on e-bay instead. They go for a decent amount, although I can’t imagine paying good money for the tacky thing. But as long as it is in someone else’s house, I won’t judge :-).

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