Finding the Warrior Within

One of my favorite yoga instructors, Mandy Ingber, likes to tell people to “find the warrior within.” Specifically, she is referring to the tension between external calmness and internal struggle that you experience in Warrior Pose. You may look cool, calm and collected while in Warrior Pose, but inside, your muscles are shaking and you constantly have to resist gravity as you extend every limb upwards and outwards.

This, my friends, is parenting. We all desire to remain cool, calm and collected on the outside, but inside, we are shaking and challenged by our efforts to keep our heads held high, and our families moving forward.  IMG_5611

This past weekend, we dedicated baby Oliver at church. It was a wonderful time of joining together with family and friends to celebrate the life that God has given us in Oliver. As I was preparing our dedication story, I once again thought about finding the warrior within; this time, however, it wasn’t the warrior Ingber referenced. This warrior, means so much more. Here is the story I shared:

Before Oliver was even born, we knew who God had made him to be. We knew he carried God’s word in his heart, that he was kind, that he would defend the weak and that he and his brother would have a special bond.

Today, we are here to acknowledge that we have heard God speak these promises, that we will trust Oliver to him, and we commit to raising Oliver to be the man God has created him to be.

An important part of who God made Oliver to be comes from Psalms 127:3-4. Most people know verse 3, for its the verse that says “children are a blessing from the Lord.”

For a long time, this verse confused me. While I recognize that kids are an amazing gift — they are also really hard!

But, verse 3 makes so much more sense when you go on to read verse 4 which says, “Like arrows in the hands of the warrior are children born in ones youth.”

Yes, raising kids is hard, but we aren’t just parents, we are warriors. And we don’t just raise children, we make spiritual arrows that one day, we will send out to protect and defend a hurting world.





Photo by Derek Palizay. Thanks Derek!
Photo by Derek Palizay. Thanks Derek!
Photo by Derek Palizay. Thanks Derek!
Photo by Derek Palizay. Thanks Derek!

2 thoughts on “Finding the Warrior Within

  1. Blessings to Oliver and his dedication to God! And blessings to Oliver’s parents too as warriors in so many ways. I don’t believe a parent’s role is over when a child becomes an adult and leaves his parents. A parent just guides in new/different ways. Right now when they are babies and young children, you’re right, it is exhausting (and rewarding too!). So keep tapping into your inner warrior and help sculpt little spiritual warriors in your boys!

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