The Gift of Thrift

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Most of the items in my home have either been bought at a thrift store, a garage sale, a discount store, or just plain been given to me. Some of the items have been modified — either cleaned up, updated or redone — while most of the items are being used exactly as they were found. 

It isn’t that I have anything against new things, it’s just that walking into a mall or a furniture store or even a Target absolutely depresses me. It just feels so uninspired. Each store holds all the items that a bunch of people I’ve never met feel that I should want to use in my own personal home all because they say so. What’s worse, they aren’t just saying I should buy it, they are saying everyone else should buy that same stuff too.

I don’t know about you, but I hate doing something just because someone else says I should.

That is what is so great about decorating and filling your home with items either thrifted or gifted. They are particular to who you are, what you love, and what you deem as valuable/desirable/beautiful.

I made this from some glass items I at a thrift store. All in all this cost me $2 to make!
I made this vanity tray from some glass items I found at a thrift store. All in all it cost me $2 to make!


Personally, I love beautiful, vintage things — not necessarily antique, just old enough that my Grandma would have had it in her house when she was my age. I love cut glass dish ware, midcentury furniture, funky lamps, vintage linens, and mis-matched captain chairs. IMG_5779

There are so many perks to thrifting, everything from discovering unexpected treasures to finding amazing deals on quality items. But for me, the best part is that when you walk into my home, you will instantly realize that everything is there for a reason. Everything is there because either my husband or myself fell in love with that item and we chose to put it there. Not because someone else told us it was a current fashion trend, but because we knew it would reflect a little piece of ourselves.

My "new" cut glass mugs make drinking tea the most lovely experience.
My “new” cut glass mugs make drinking tea the most lovely experience.

So what will you see when you walk in our home? You will see a perfect blend of me and my hubby: vintage and modern, earthy and industrial, warm and friendly, made for relationships, and full of life.


I made my vanity tray from three pieces: a large, round serving dish, a small, round serving dish, and a candlestick. The largest serving dish had a rounded divider in the middle that the candle stick fit into perfectly. I super glued it all together and, Voila! I now have a beautiful tray for my dressing table :-). 


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