Opening the Capsule

Last week, I shared with you my new big clothing adventure — creating a capsule wardrobe for fall 2014! This week I had so much fun experimenting with my “new” wardrobe, and I wanted to share a few updates with you.

  1. I was waaay too optimistic about our warm weather sticking around. It did not. Fall hit northeastern Ohio shortly after I posted Empty Hangers, Full Life. As a result, several of the choices I made for my capsule wardrobe were suddenly, completely weather-inappropriate. To rectify my mistake,  I allowed myself a few swaps, meaning I replaced my summer tops with fall sweaters. Here are the new items I included:

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2. I really enjoyed walking into my closet each day, seeing some of my favorite clothes, and walking out minutes later with an outfit. No fuss, no stress…easy. Here are some of my favorite looks I put together this week:

By the way, some of these photos appear blurry because my kids like to smear their faces all over my mirror while I get ready. It’s gross, but it’s my life. 

3. I got to wear several items this week that normally I save for special occasions. In the past, I would tend to wear the same items that I kinda like, simply because I wanted to save my favorite items for something more exciting than going to the grocery store, having lunch at Panera with my kids, or working at home. But you know what? I wore what I wanted, everywhere, for no particular reason other than it was what I wanted to wear — and it was awesome. I felt fantastic  to wear the things I love and I knew looked great on me.

4. I’m not going to lie. This week I saw someone with a really great pair of black skinnies and I immediately wanted to go shopping to look for some for myself. But, I’ve committed to this project 100% and that means no shopping during the three months that this clothing capsule covers. It is going to be tough, but it is also a little bit liberating to know that I can’t shop. I mean, sure, in the past there have been plenty of times when I shouldn’t have shopped, but I still did.

But rules are rules, and I’m going to stick to em. It really is kind of nice focusing on what I already have. It reminds me of that saying that encourages you to put down your phone and, “Be with the friends who are here.” I’m not going to look for something better, I’m going to wear the clothes that are right here.

Losing your head over the idea of downsizing your wardrobe? Never fear. I'm here to help!
Losing your head over the idea of downsizing your wardrobe? Never fear. I’m here to help!

I had someone ask what the purpose was of creating a clothing capsule. If you haven’t ready last weeks post, Empty Hangers, Full Life, read it now to hear more details on this project. But if you are left still scratching your head as to why I would box up perfectly good clothes and live with only 32 choices for the next three months, let me fill you in on the benefits as I see them:

  1. I have a closet full of choices, but sometimes those choices are overwhelming. So many choices ultimately feels like a burden, not a freedom. By limiting my wardrobe to 32 clothing pieces, I’m simplifying my choices (Simplifying not, limiting! There are limitless combination possibilities with 32 pieces!).
  2. I was holding on to items that no longer fit, were in disrepair, or were seriously out of style. Those items needed to be purged, and they were.
    My pile to give away. They are all ready out of my house, and out of my life...and it feels good!
    My pile to give away. They are all ready out of my house and out of my life…and it feels good!


  3.  I’ve spent endless amounts of energy stressing over what to wear, what I should have worn, and then worrying about how I look in something once I’ve finally made a decision. Ultimately, creating a clothing capsule is my attempt to spend less time fretting over how I look, and more time on the things that really matter.

More times than I’m proud to admit, I’ve gotten into my car in a sour mood because I couldn’t find         “anything” to wear and was second-guessing what I chose. What a waste of energy and brain power! I’ve got things to do! People to love, challenges to conquer, and a world to dominate lives to change! Yes, I want to look great doing all those things, but I do not need the choice of 20 different pairs of jeans in order to be successful, happy and well dressed.

  1. In The Gift of Thrift, I shared with you that I love outfitting my home with things that I’ve purchased from a thrift store because they are things that I love, and not things that someone else tells me is in style. I didn’t realize this until I started my clothing capsule project, but why do I have such a confident personal style when it comes to my home, but I allow the whims of the fashion world to dictate to me what I should be wearing?

I hope that my last few posts have cleared up any confusion about clothing capsules, and maybe (just maybe!) has inspired you to create your own capsule. As always, leave a comment at the end of this post if you have any thoughts, questions or advice. Cheers to Friday, and cheers to spending less time worrying about how we look, and more time on living life!

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