Celebrating My Mr.

Today was my husband’s birthday. He’s never cared a whole lot about celebrating the day of his birth, but that’s ok. I have enough birthday enthusiasm for the two of us.

We had a really great evening together as a family. We spent time together outside, then celebrated over Mexican food, homemade apple dumplings, and birthday crafts that Theo made for his daddy. It was special in a way that I would have never thought possible before I was married and had kids. It was just nice being together, celebrating Mike, with my favorite people in the whole world.

Earlier in the day, I posted a photo of Mike from 2005. We were in New Orleans doing relief work one month after Katrina hit, and only three months after getting married. I posted some mushy stuff about how big Mike’s heart is – that he is so generous and compassionate and caring. All true stuff.


However, the thing I remember most about the trip is where we slept, and why. When we arrived in New Orleans with our team of volunteers (strangers), we were told the men and women would be separated into two different rooms for sleeping.

The idea of sleeping with a bunch of strangers in a city that was so incomprehensibly dark at night (no electricity for the most part) and looked like a war-torn country completely freaked me out. I didn’t have to worry long, though, because I learned something special about my new hubby on that trip: No matter how much he loves others, no matter how great his desire to help people in need, no matter how unpopular the decision – he sticks with his family.

That week, Mike and I bunked in the back of an 18 passenger van. We spread out sleeping bags, locked the doors, and stuck together.

That experience had a profound effect on me. It did then and does to this day. I learned who my husband was – yes – but more importantly, I learned who I was to him. I learned that I was someone he would stick up for. Someone he would defend. Someone he wanted to be with no matter what. Someone he would never leave.

Now, nine years later. I know he includes our boys in that shelter. So yea, today might have been kind of simple. But there is no other human being I’d rather spend my time with. And, there is nothing better then celebrating the day his birth made this world a whole lot better.

Two of my favorite posts so far are also about Mike:

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