How Sweet it is

Sometimes I think Dickens wasn’t talking about the French Revolution at all when he said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” He was talking about parenthood.

This past weekend was, well there is an expression for what it was, but it’s highly inappropriate so suffice it to say that this past weekend was a disaster.

Theo was slated to be the ring-bearer in my good friend’s wedding. Rehearsal went well. Theo did his job and charmed the pants off everyone, including the sweet little flower girl. All was looking good.

IMG_6757 IMG_6758

Saturday came and I went into super-woman mode, packing clothes, change of outfits, snacks, toys and even extra-extra changes of clothes. We scrambled to get to the wedding location and managed to get there only 45 late, which in my mom-time, means we were basically 15 minutes early.

Anyway, let me break down the next few hours for you:

  • I walk in, feeling embarrassed because I’m late, and start to attempt to get Theo into his outfit. Theo refuses and throws a mini-tantrum.
  • As time goes on, Theo’s energy level goes up with each new person that enters the room. He starts literally climbing the walls. I try to keep him clean. I fail.
  • Theo becomes obsessed with keeping the door to the bridal suite closed and stands guard there, violently slamming it shut anytime someone enters or exits.
  • Finally, wedding time. Theo seems excited. He grabs the flower girl’s hand and walks upstairs.
  • Show time. Theo walks out hand-in-hand with the flower girl.
  • I’m in the back, holding a screaming Oliver, who chose that moment to lose it.
  • I hear a “moooooommmmmmyyy!” and seconds later, see Theo running back to me.
  • Theo never makes it down the aisle.
  • I never make it in to the ceremony.

After much crying and and an almost fatal collision with the cake, we call it a day and leave, before the reception even starts.

We headed home, frustrated, defeated and sad. I wasn’t mad that Theo got scared and didn’t make it down the isle. I get stage fright just walking into a crowded restaurant, so I understand feeling afraid. But to have our entire family melt down to the point of having to leave was a bit demoralizing, to say the least.

But then, a funny thing happened.

We came home, got into our comfy clothes, and settled down for naps. Oliver slept for a few solid hours, and Theo slept well enough to rejuvenate his normal spirit. We ordered chinese take-out. We laughed at this new funny noise Oliver makes when he gets excited. It was a cold, rainy fall day, which only made the warmth inside seem even warmer and more festive. It felt…good.

I made brownies that almost knocked me out they were so rich. Mike and I talked about the day over coffee and the treat. We talked about Theo and the unique person he is. We talked about how hard it is to be parents. We talked about how much we love our family.

It was a hard day. It was a disappointing day. But we ended it together. We ended it with sweet treats and sweet laughs. It may not have been a perfect day, but it was a good day. We pushed through the bad stuff, we honored each other’s unique personalities, and above all, we valued each other. We came together at the close of the day and allowed ourselves to simply enjoy the sweetness of being together.


Waking daddy up from a nap.
Daddy doing "magic" tricks.
Daddy doing “magic” tricks.

Note: The amazing cookie bar recipe is from Averie Cooks. The only modification I made was to sprinkle mini m&m’s on top, instead of more chocolate chips. They were yummy!





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