25 Days of Christmas Activity List

Thanksgiving 2014 has come and gone, which means it’s time to kick our holiday planning into high gear. Today, I spent the day decorating our home, testing out holiday recipes, and putting the finishing touches on this year’s 25 Days of Christmas list of activities.




Each year, Mike takes care of putting up and decorating our tree while I enjoy filling our home with festive bobbles and trims. In between hanging garland and putting out the snowman candle holders, I tested out a new recipe that I might make for Christmas morning brunch. The recipe, Glazed Doughnut Muffins, came from My Baking Addiction.

The muffins were delicious! I didn’t have any festive sprinkles yet so I simply used some fun multi colored nonpareils that I already had in my cupboard. If I decide to make these for Christmas morning, I will defiantly get something red and green to sprinkle on top. The flavor of these muffins is wonderful, and while they are certainly not healthy, they have to be better for you than a deep fried doughnut…right?

After putting the finishing touches on our home, we enjoyed a quick supper before heading out to kick off the holiday season with a visit to a local Christmas display. We didn’t tell Theo where we were going, so the whole car ride he kept asking when he would get to see his “pur-prize” (aka surprise).

At the display, Theo eagerly tugged at my hand to pull me from display to display until finally, we got to the end where Santa was sitting. This was Theo’s first encounter with Santa, and Mike and I weren’t sure what he would do. Honestly, I thought he would be to shy to sit on Santa’s lap. Yet, when I asked Theo if he would like to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas, he surprised us all by nodding yes.

True to Theo-form, though, he wouldn’t answer any of Santa’s questions until he was assured of Santa’s authenticity, inquiring about the whereabouts of his reindeer and sled. Eventually, concluding that everything was in order, Theo answered Santa’s question of what gift he should deliver this year, simply stating “skid steer and bulldozer.” (Does Theo want toy machinery, or the real equipment? Who knows…)

We ended the evening with Starbucks for the adults, and a cheeseburger run for Theo. All was well. Theo had his first encounter with Santa, and I got to check something off my 25 Days of Christmas list. Today is only November 30, so I’m a little ahead of the game, but I figure with two toddlers and a busy husband it doesn’t hurt to get a jump on things. Here is what my list looks like for this holiday season:

Note: This list is made up of things we’ve done in the past and have enjoyed, and a few new things that we’ve heard of others doing and would like to try.

25 days of Christmas

~advent calendar each day

  1. Go see Christmas lights
  2. Go see Santa
  3. Bake Christmas cookies
  4. Surprise someone with a Christmas treat
  5. Make an ornament that reminds you of something special from the past year
  6. Attend a holiday play or concert
  7. Make a “give” list for the year. This is a list of people and organizations you want to bless throughout the year. Write down specific ideas.
  8. Phone or send a card to someone you haven’t talked to lately
  9. Do something nice for someone without them knowing it was you
  10. Listen to Handel’s Messiah
  11. Ask someone to tell you about a past Christmas
  12. Be the first to say “hello” to everyone you meet today, and say it with a smile!
  13. Sing Christmas carols
  14. Make a Christmas craft with a child
  15. Spend a whole day of reflecting on all you are thankful for
  16. Make popcorn and smoothies and watch Frosty the Snowman
  17. Have dinner in front of a fireplace/with candles and listen to the Nutcracker
  18. Take a walk in the snow
  19. Host a holiday party
  20. Read aloud a Christmas story
  21. Make homemade gift-wrap for your presents
  22. Make hot coco
  23. Invite a few friends over for appetizers and to watch a Christmas movie
  24. CHRISTMAS EVE: church service with the family, then order Chinese food. Eat in front of the fireplace in our jammies.
  25. CHRISTMAS MORNING: presents, brunch

With a fun lineup like that, I can’t wait for this Christmas season! What are you doing to celebrate?


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