15 Easy, Fun Date Nights You Can Try This Winter

Winter in mid-west Ohio brings a host of additional challenges to one’s daily life. Suddenly, heavy layers are required before heading out, a snow brush is a must for winter driving, and activities are limited according to the whims of the winter winds. These challenges can make the already difficult task of finding something fun and out of the ordinary to do with your spouse, feel nearly impossible.

Never fear though, today, I will be sharing with you some of my favorite date night ideas that are winter weather approved!

1. Date Night at Home
We do this a lot. Mostly because we have small children and an even smaller budget, but also because we have a busy schedule that doesn’t always allow for hours away from the house. The trick is to plan for things you wouldn’t normally do while at home in order to make it feel more like a date. We’ve done date nights at home while the kids were in bed, or have found a sitter just for an hour or two so we can have a few moments to ourselves.

Our go-to date night at home experiences include: dressing up and sitting down to take out, candles and nice music; making homemade pizza together; sitting by the fire with appetizers and glass of wine; drinking coffee or espresso together.

2. Game Night
We enjoy making some of our favorite snacks and playing old school games together. Scrabble, Shoots and Ladders and Sorry are some of our favorites.


3. Movie Night
This is a favorite during our busiest times of life. We pick a movie, make fun snacks and relax together on the sofa.

As you can see, we choose really healthy snacks for our movies nights.
As you can see, we choose really healthy snacks for our movies nights.

4. Bowling or Pool
Most bowling alleys also have pool tables, and some bars/pubs have pool tables as well. This is a fun, active date night idea that usually involves a lot of laughing at how bad we are at the activity.


5. Check a local events calendar to find live music.
We love checking out live shows. We will go hear almost any type of music, just for the fun of it!



6. Turn running errands into a mini-date.
Sometimes when we are out and about, especially when we are holiday shopping this time of year, we take a 1/2 hour to grab a snack and catch up.

Sushi makes running errands so much more fun!
Sushi makes running errands so much more fun!

7. Make little moments fun.
Life is busy, that’s a fact. So we attempt to grab the time we can to connect, grow closer, and yes, be silly.





8. Schedule a morning/breakfast date.
Sometimes, it’s easiest to find a sitter for an early morning breakfast date. These dates are usually quick, but full of great food and fun times.



9. Let him cook for you.
I’m a big fan of this one.


10. Take a walk.
For as long as we’ve been together, when we don’t have the boys we try to take a walk together. No matter what else is going on, no matter what the weather is like outside, it is so refreshing to take your relationship outside for a walk where you have nothing else to do but talk and be together.



11. Go out for coffee.
Coffee dates are cheap and accessible. Almost any establishment that serves food serves coffee. Take advantage of the cooler temps outside to spend some alone time over a steaming cup of joe.


12. Try a new restaurant in a new city.
This is one of our favorite things to do. We don’t get to do it often, but when we do, we love to research new places to try and give them a go.


13. Tag along to obligations to turn them into dates.
Our schedules are busy, so we take advantage of the opportunity to be together whenever we have obligations that the other spouse can tag along. Mike has come along with me to work events, I’ve showed up at school to have lunch with him, and I’ve joined him while he scouts. They aren’t perfect dates, but we enjoy any time together we can get!



14. Plan double dates with friends, in each other’s homes.
We love to take advantage of the nights we don’t have the boys to get together with our friends. Doing so in our own home (or theirs) creates a more relaxed environment where you get to spend quality time with everyone involved, including your spouse.


15. When all else fails, light candles. In this photo below, we both came home after very long days and felt tired and a little defeated. We didn’t get to sit down to dinner until 9 pm. Dinner was simple-a vegetarian chili I had simmering in the crock pot all day-and we were already in our pjs before we even sat down. Tired as we were, we chose to light a few candles and make the moment special. Dinner only lasted about 30 minutes that night, but it refreshed us and brought us closer than any date night out on the town.


How about you? What are your favorite date night ideas?


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