Doing Stuff Together

The other day, Mike and I went on the hunt for a particular piece of new furniture for our bedroom. We knew where we wanted to go (a vintagey resale shop in town), so we packed the family up and headed out. I’m sure we are borderline insane for taking our toddlers into a store full of antiques, glassware and a million little things they can pick up and eat/destroy/walk out the door with, but hey, Mike is on break so we are going to enjoy doing everything we can together. 

The shopping trip was short but sweet, mostly because we found what we wanted right away, but also because we didn’t want to push our luck with the boys. We ended the experience with coffee and cinnamon rolls from our favorite restaurant. We spent half the time feeding the boys and consoling fussy outbreaks, but in between that, there were quite a few moments of looking across the table at each other, and just enjoying our time together.

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