My Favorite Homemade Gifts

Now that Christmas is over and all our gifts have been distributed, I wanted to share the gifts we made with links to the instructions. I enjoyed all the projects this year because a.) I made things I actually am capable of making (no more attempting to sew/knit/crochet/etc and b.) the projects we picked were just plain cool! Each of these crafts was easy to make, inexpensive and would make great gifts for any person, any time of year.Take a look.

1. dino bookends IMG_9115 IMG_9112

*Instead of wood blocks, we used bricks. We felt they would do a better job holding up books. And, we found some in our shed that were quite old and used to be manufactured locally. We thought that was a nice touch ;-). 

2. hand painted canvas bagsIMG_8772 IMG_8769 IMG_8795

I found these bags at a local craft store and simply purchased fabric, acrylic paint and cut the triangle design into a potato. Presto! You’ve got yourself a cute little craft. 

3. yarn wrapped monogram

IMG_8771 IMG_8794

Yup, I just wrapped cardboard letters with yarn (and secured with hot glue). It’s really that easy.

4. forcing paperwhites

IMG_9079 IMG_9087

5. chocolate peanut butter truffles
This recipe is from my Taste of Home Annual Christmas cookbook.

IMG_9119 IMG_9122 IMG_9124 IMG_9126

Happy gifting!

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