Cold Hands, Warm Heart (And the Best Tomato Soup Recipe EVER)

My maternal grandmother always tells me that having cold hands means you have a warm heart. I like that. My hands are always cold. I like the thought that this physical anomaly is proof of such a pleasant quality as a “warm heart.”

As I write this, the sun is out, the snow is slowly falling, my mug is full of fresh coffee, and my heart indeed, feels warm. 

Today’s snow is beautiful, but the temperatures are frigid; with the windchill it’s about -10. But Theodore and I decided to brave the outdoors anyways in search of some fun and fresh air.

We bundled up, we headed out, and for the next 45 minutes, I enjoyed being a part of my toddler’s magical world. I love how Theo  finds such pleasure in such simple things: discovering a stick under his boot, the feel of snow hitting his face or the chance to climb over a fallen tree trunk. He delights in everythingand his joy is absolutely contagious.

As we were walking through the woods, I thought: when was the last time I allowed myself to be completely transported by the joy found in simple pleasures? Growing up seems to mean we replace our old joys with newer, shiner, more expensive, more unrealistic treasures. When was the last time I found delight in one of the simple, yet endless occurrences that happen on a daily basis? Opening up a fresh bar of soap. The smells of a home cooked meal. A clean room. Warm socks. Hot tea. Good conversation. A new book. The laughter of loved ones.

Pleasures, and joy surrounds us. It is ours for the observing, and taking.


Nothing warms the spirits like a big bowl of hot tomato soup, so I whipped up my favorite recipe for us to enjoy after our trek through the winter wilderness. It was just what the doctor ordered. This recipe from Taste of Home is the best tomato soup of my life. Seriously. I can’t even handle how simple yet delicious it is.




I really took things to the next level by quickly making some homemade croutons to go on top. All I did was heat up a little EVOO, tear some sourdough bread and add it along with some salt and pepper to the skillet and saute until crispy and slightly brown. Try it. I dare ya. You will lose your mind, it’s that good.


Hope your day is a cozy as a hot bowl of soup and a pair of warm socks!

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