Granola, Jim Croce and Happy Sunday Vibes

Wintertime means homemade granola. Nothing tastes better to me on snowy mornings than a big bowl of homemade goodness, topped with fruit, honey and extra nuts. y-u-m.

Today, while my oldest was down for his nap, I brought our pack-and-play into the kitchen so our youngest, Oliver, could play next to me as I baked.


With the good vibes of Jim Croce’s greatest hits playing, the blissful smells of baking coconut oil and my baby talking sweetly to himself as he played, it was definitely an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Can we just talk about how great Croce was for a moment? I mean, with lyrics like “He had a tattoo that said baby, and another one that just said hey,” how can you not love him? So good. But back to the granola…

I’ve tried a lot of granola recipes over the years, but the one I made today – from Elizabeth Rider – takes the cake for the simplest. I had all the ingredients on hand, it came together quickly, and unlike my other recipes, you only bake it for 10 minutes. This recipe doesn’t take the prize for the most flavorful (although it is still delicious!), but it wins for being quick and easy.




I should also note, while we are talking about flavor, this recipe doesn’t use any sugar so that would account for the mild taste. Many commercial granolas are loaded with sugar and other additives so this recipe is great for the heart and health conscious!


All and all, this recipe is going into the rotation. Let me know if you give it a try, or leave me a comment if you have granola recipes of your own that you love!

Happy Sunday folks!

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