Gilmore Girls, Scrambled Eggs and Other Current Favorites

Each year, try as I might to avoid it, I inevitable end up re-watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. I just finished season one, and tonight, with everyone else snoozing in bed, I whipped up some scrambled eggs (extra hot sauce) and sat down to start season two. I can’t help it. I can watch these episodes hundreds of times and they never get old.

So much to love. The music. The books, bands and movies referenced. All of Rory and Lorelei’s fabulous dresses. The witty banter.  It’s all great and all things I love.

In honor of things generally loved by me, I thought I’d share some things I’m currently into right now. Links and photos included!

♥ We recently had a special family member over for a small birthday celebration and I chose to go with a Tex-Mex theme for the menu. I had never thought of making my nachos with tator tots instead of chips but, holy moly, good doesn’t even begin to describe the bliss caused by this little number. Try it. Your life will never be the same.

IMG_9736 IMG_9744

♥ When I was younger I loved to make homemade soft pretzels. This past weekend I introduced Theo to the wild and wonderful world of making things from yeasty dough. We had so much fun, and surprisingly, soft pretzel dough is pretty resilient and we ended up with some edible results. I used the recipe from Hey Natalie Jean.

♥ We found that one fun way to combat the winter blues is to play in the sink. Oliver has been taking a lot of bubble baths in the kitchen while Theo helps wash his hair, passes him toys and does his best to try and get as wet as possible. For other fun, indoor ideas to occupy stir crazy children, look here.

IMG_9880 IMG_9886

♥ I’ve been dying over these handcrafted leather headbands form Salt Creek Times for awhile now. I finally got one and I’m totally smitten. In addition to the headband, I picked up some of Bree’s fabulous soap that smells divine. Next on the shopping list are one of her leather bags and a new camera strap. You can check out her amazing wares here.


♥ I’ve been doing a lot of reading this winter. There is nothing I love more than cozying up with a great book, a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee or tea. But, reading has become even better now that I have a new little bookworm in my life.

In the past, when things would get quiet in the house I could count on the silence meaning Theo was up to no good. Now, it generally means he is reading. I love it so much! If you are looking for a good book, you can find one here on a list of all the books mentioned on Gilmore Girls! How cool is that?


♥ One good thing about winter? Adorable babies bundled up in winter gear. Look at my sweet baby Oliver. For some great winter accessory inspiration (for women), look here.


♥ My husband just whipped up this amazing coffee table from items he repurposed from around the house and past projects. I’ve enjoyed browsing some fun ways to decorate coffee tables. Of course, ours will remain a blank canvas for the next, say, 15 years because during that time anything is fair game for total destruction via my children, but hey, a girl can dream. (It should be noted that the houseplant is totally placed there for the photo op. It was immediately removed and relegated to a high shelf far away from sticky fingers ;-).)


♥ One word: Nutella. It’s made us all very, very happy this winter. Can you see Theo’s Nutella ‘stache? (Did you know February 5 is World Nutella Day? Look here for Nutella related recipes!)


♥ We have a local food co-op that has become my winter happy place. Amidst the bleak winter grays and browns, the co-op is full of fresh flowers, produce and homemade goods. (It’s also where I got my great headband!) If you live in Wayne County Ohio, you should stop by Local Roots for a delicious cup of coffee or to pick up a fun and unique homemade product!



These muffins. They are full of whole grains and dried fruit and yet they aren’t the least bit dry. They have a delicious flavor and are great for breakfast or a snack!



♥ And last but not least, this recipe for apple dumplings. One bite and you will be totally transported. (For the crust recipe I use the one found in my trusty old Betty Crocker Cookbook.)


And that, folks, is the local report on current loves and likes here at His Girl Friday. Hope you enjoyed.

3 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls, Scrambled Eggs and Other Current Favorites


  2. I love those pictures of the boys in the kitchen sink! My mom used to bring in a few cups of snow and dump them in the kitchen sink. Alli would stand on the stool and make mini snowmen for as long as the snow lasted!

    1. That is a great idea! We’ve just been playing in the water, but that is so smart to use snow! I don’t always want to venture out in the cold with Theo, so next time I might just bring some snow to him! Thanks for the great idea :-).

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