You Can’t Take It With You


I came across this 30-Day Minimalism Challenge the other day on Pinterest. At first, I read through it with a combination of partial disinterest and partial skepticism.

I pinned it anyway. 

I returned to the site a few days later and again read through the challenge. This time, I gave the list, and the idea behind the list, a little more thought. In particular I was drawn to day 17: “practice single-tasking.”


What is my life as a woman, a wife and mother if not a highly skilled, multi tasking, ball-juggling, super hero? I multi task while multi tasking. I have adopted a rule for myself over the years that I can’t leave one room without taking something with me that belongs elsewhere, whereby always working, always doing, always tasking.

I was struck by the over-arching idea of this 30-day minimalism challenge, which is slowing down time and creating space to be intentional.

Why is it that we are always trying to “save time,” as if it’s something that can be bottled, stored on the shelf and brought out for just the right occasion? Why are we obsessed with productivity? Why are we so worried about making the best use of our time, just so we can rush off to the next thing on our list?

We can’t save time. We can’t take it with us. The best we can do, is spend it wisely. Sometimes that means spending a lot. Sometimes that means spending it in the right places, with the right people. Sometimes that means getting rid of other things that fill up our heads and hearts so much that we can’t even recognize the gift of time.

So yea, I guess you could say I came around to this of idea of the 30-day minimalism challenge. I think I’m going to give it a go. Ironically, as I was looking at the list I was thinking about how I should combine several days in one, you know, to get more bang for my buck. But that is the multi-tasker in me, whispering, “do everything at once so you can’t move on to the next thing quicker!”.

It seems I’ve got my work cut out for me…But I’m up to the challenge.

I’ve got the time. I’m going to spend it.

IMG_0372 IMG_0356 IMG_0357


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