Homemade Lavender Bath Bombs

Ever since I discovered the magical world of Lush a few years a ago, I’ve enjoyed two new pampering products, dusting powder and bath bombs.

(Dusting powder is this amazing blend of herbs, essential oils and powdery goodness that you dust on yourself after a bath or shower. You smell like heaven. Its seriously the best thing ever.)

I’ve seen a few recipes on Pinterest for homemade bath bombs, and decided to give it a try and use them (if they turned out) as gifts for my female friends.

The bath bombs come together quickly and easily, smell like bliss in a bag, and look so stinkin pretty all wrapped up and ready to be used.


I used this recipe from Design Sponge. One word of caution, you don’t have to use this recipe, but if not, this one includes a veeery helpful tip: spritz your wet ingredients onto your dry to keep the mixture from prematurely fizzing. If you fizz in the bowl, they wont fizz in the bath! And that would be a major bummer…Also, other recipes failed to mention that if you use food grade food coloring as a colorant, you run the risk of staining your tub. Something to think about. If you want your bath bombs hot pink, use a beauty grade colorant.


I didn’t have a cool mold, so I just used a mini muffin tin. I halved this recipe and it made exactly one mini muffin tin. Although all the spots weren’t completely full, but that didn’t bother me.


I put my dried lavender in the bottom of the tin and pressed the mixture on top to set. Next time I’d like to try some other ideas, like dried chamomile or mint, but I just happened to have the lavender on hand so thats what I went with.



After 10 minutes in the mold, I popped them out and let them dry over night. Then I bagged them, included a label and a bow, and voila! The prettiest little gift for you girlfriends ever!

If you try this recipe, post a picture on Instagram and tag me: @hisgirlfriday14

IMG_0446 IMG_0469

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