Practical Is Just Another Name For Scared

I’ve want purpose over perfect.

Many of us fear that if we slow down even the tiniest bit, we will no longer be productive. We fear our lives will be meaningless if we aren’t constantly striving for something bigger and better. Yet when we finally stop chasing those impossible standards and surrender our fears, we become truly productive in what matters. We experience genuine fulfillment: an imperfect yet intentional life, driven by a clear core purpose. -Lara Casey, Make it Happen


I’ve been mulling over these words all day. I don’t know exactly what they mean for my life, but I know they mean something. I resonate with every single idea in this quote. I’ve spent so much of my life worrying about being productive, about goals, about perfection. What’s more, I’ve spent some much mental and emotional energy trying to figure out what’s practical. Uggg. I understand the importance of mature, responsible decisions and actions, but I’m so tired of worrying about what’s practical. I’ve discovered that more often than not, practical is just another word for scared.

I can’t pursue that job, it’s not practical (I’m afraid I won’t get it, or it won’t work out).

I can’t give my heart to this person who is different from me, it’s not practical (I’m afraid I’ll get hurt).

I can’t take that trip, it’s not practical (I’m afraid of the unknown).

I can’t be silly and have fun, it’s not practical (I’m afraid of how I’ll look). 

I can’t do the things I love, they aren’t practical (I’m afraid that who I am, isn’t who I should be).

We spend a lot of time pursuing perfection. Pursuing perfect outcomes. Pursuing practical decisions. But purpose isn’t found in perfection. So it’s no wonder why we end up with a filled-to-the-brim schedules but empty hearts.

I’m learning to lay down my impossible standards and I’m learning to just slow down a little bit. I’m learning to discover the sanctity of the small acts that don’t accrue interest in the bank, but accrue something so much more satisfying, and lasting.

2 thoughts on “Practical Is Just Another Name For Scared

  1. This was what I needed today. Practical truly is a synonym for scared. I am making a transition in my life and this was perfectly timed. Thank you.

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