Blogger Bites: A Great Recipe For Kids, Another Veggie Burger & More!

Welcome to another installment of Blogger Bites! In my last BB post, I mentioned that I’ve been trying to make some things from scratch that I would normally buy prepackaged for convenience sake. I’ve also been trying to mix things up in the veggie burger department. And, I’m continuing to try and involve Theo in the kitchen.

Cooking with Theo usually means meal prep takes a little longer, and clean up is always a bigger job because he, naturally, makes a bigger mess. But our time in the kitchen together is special to me, as it is one of the places that we can connect doing something we both enjoy. He truly is good company, and not to mention, a wonderful little chef. And it is so, so true that for Theo, busy hands means a quiet mind. If you can’t beat em, join em, right? Might as well get dinner made while trying to occupy my busy boy.

So today I want to share some recipes that I’ve had fun making lately and have helped me in my quests for new recipes, healthier food, and things I can make with Theo.


A fun and easy recipe to make with your kids is English Muffin Pizzas. These pizzas are easy to customize to individual tastes, come together in a snap, and are perfect for your little kitchen helpers. Although, maybe not the littlest of helpers. As you can see from the picture below, Oliver is less about helping; he would rather get right to the eating part. You and me both little man…

IMG_1507English Muffin Pizzas

english muffins
pizza sauce
toppings of your choice

Place halved muffins on a cookie sheet. Spread sauce on muffins and top accordingly. Bake in a 425° oven for about 5 minutes. Place under broiler to toast top of cheese to desired level.


Last time I shared some new veggie burger recipes with you. I enjoyed seeing some of your pictures as several of you gave the recipes a try! I love that so much guys, thanks for sharing with me!

After trying so many recipes lately, hands down, my favorite is this Buffalo Chickpea Quinoa Burger from the blog, Once Upon a Cutting Board. These burgers are probably some of the easiest ever to put together and the hot sauce really takes the taste to the next level.

One of my favorite things about this recipe, though, is the texture. These burgers really hold together and aren’t crumbly like others can be. They fry up great and can withstand some pretty serious topping action. I’m not a blue cheese fan, so I skip the recipe’s recommendation and instead top with pickle, mustard and either ketchup or BBQ sauce. These burgers freeze well too if you want to form them into patties and toss them in the freezer for future enjoyment.


And last but not least, I’ve been experimenting with vital gluten – the product needed to make homemade veggie dogs and veggie italian sausages. Now, if you recoil in fear at the mention of gluten or say, have an actual gluten intolerance, than these recipes aren’t for you. But I am neither gluten intolerant nor am I afraid of the ingredient so I’ve been enjoying my bad self. For the veggie italian sausages I made the recipe found on the vegan blog, Post Punk Kitchen. For the veggie dogs I followed this recipe.

For the record, I loved the italian sausage recipe, while the hot dogs were a little, “ehhhh.” Both were a lot of fun to make. They come together in one bowl and all you have to do from there is shape them, wrap them (I used parchment paper because while I’m down with gluten, I’m not ok cooking with foil.), and then steam them – I used my bamboo steamer. Voila! I made the italian sausages for less than $2. They cost $8 in the store. IMG_1381 IMG_1384 IMG_1386 IMG_1389

And finally, I wanted to share with you the recipe for the smoothie I’ve been making myself this week. It is great for breakfast, or as a post yoga (or any workout) snack.


Green Goddess Smoothie

1 1/2 C almond milk (I’ve also used orange juice)
handful of washed green grapes
handful of organic spinach
1/2 C fresh pineapple
1 frozen banana
a few ice cubes (optional)
1 TB flaxseed, chia seed or hemp seed

Blend and enjoy!IMG_1569

I’ve loved sharing new recipes with you! Continue to post your pictures on Instagram of any of the recipes listed here that you try. Tag me @hisgirlfriday14 and let me know what you think!


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