Theo’s FOURTH Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Theo’s fourth birthday. I love birthdays and believe they should be celebrated as long, and with as much gusto, as possible.

We started off the celebrations by joining my brother, Theo’s Uncle Josh, for lunch and a birthday surprise at a local arcade and fun zone. Theo ran from game to game, trying his hand at everything from racing cars to shooting dinosaurs. He had so much fun. IMG_1853 IMG_1855 IMG_1859 IMG_1864

The next day was Theo’s party with his closest family and friends. I’ve never seen a little boy who lights up more around people. He absolutely loves his friends and family. He laughed and played his little heart out. He got so excited about his birthday cake with candles and of course, his presents ;-).IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1888 IMG_1890 IMG_1891 IMG_1897 IMG_1900 IMG_1904 IMG_1910 IMG_1915 IMG_1916 IMG_1922

Sunday morning, the day of his actual birthday, was my favorite celebration. That morning I taped crepe paper all over his bedroom door while he and his brother were inside playing together. When I was done, I knocked and he said, “Come in!” After telling him that he had to open the door himself, he came to the door and said “Hey! I’m taped in!” I told him it was his first present he had to open.It didn’t require much coaxing in order to get him to run through and tear it all down. IMG_1932

We gathered around the table with doughnuts and birthday candles, party hats and balloons, streamers and noise makers. I bought a goblet at the dollar store that had “happy birthday” printed on it with candles and served Theo’s milk in the special birthday glass. (I hope to make this a tradition!)

Theo ate two doughnuts, and each time he wanted candles and for us to sing the birthday song. Which of course we did. Because his life is SO worth celebrating :-).IMG_1926 IMG_1935 IMG_1932 IMG_1938 IMG_1941 IMG_1943 IMG_1944 IMG_1952

One thought on “Theo’s FOURTH Birthday

  1. Love!! You created such a special series of events for Theo! I agree that birthdays should always be celebrated for as long – and with as much fun food – as possible. 🙂 He’ll have fond memories of those times for sure. Happy Birthday!

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