Essential Guide to Reading

I have this friend who, amongst just being generally amazing, is also my favorite person in the world to talk book-talk with. We talk about new books, old books. We discuss authors. We criticize and critique. We share reading lists. It’s wonderful.

She sent me this text the other day and I just had to share it with you:why can't I just be reading?? Blog Post:

Do you ever feel that way? I know I sure do! Well, to help us on our quest for the perfect reading experience, I have, with much thought, research and effort, created an Essential Guide to Reading for you! Enjoy. 

Essential Guide to REading

1. Clear your schedule. Indefinitely. Quit your job and give away your children if necessary. Trust me, these measure might seem extreme, but you will thank me later.

2. Cancel your Verizon contract. You’re paying way too much anyways. Plus, this way, no one will be able to interrupt your reading with their questions or demands, and you won’t be tempted to interrupt yourself by stalking Facebook or Instagram.

3. Grocery shop. This step is key. Nothing interrupts your story line like a hungry tummy. Stock your shelves with finger food that can preferably be eaten with one hand, keeping your other hand free for continuous page turning. Anything along the “munchie” line of food would work.

4. Put on stretchy pants and sweater/cardigan/tunic top. Because of said munchies.

5. Find a quiet, comfy corner of your home. Any place with lots of pillows, blankets, natural sunlight and, of course, space for said munchies.

6. Brew a large pot of coffee or tea. This is crucial. A steamy cup of joe goes perfectly with any genre.

7. Set the stage. Light a candle, turn on the fireplace (season permitting) or crack a window to let in a gentle breeze. Put on some of your favorite tunes to provide the perfect background music. My suggestions are: Miles Davis, Fleet Foxes or Van Morrison.

8. Mentally prepare yourself to ignore the world. The doorbell might ring, your mother-in-law might peek in the window to see if you are actually at home, or you might even cave and allow your children to eventually come home. Stay strong! You’ve come this far, don’t give up.

9. Grab a stack of books. Not one book, not two. Several. You want plenty of options in case on or two don’t pan out, and of course an extra one or two in case you finish your first one before your munchies run out.

10. Read. With as much gusto and enjoyment as humanly possible. Only re-enter the real world after you have sufficiently exhausted your novel and your snacks.

book and coffee / essential guide to reading well

There you have it! Your Essential Guide to Reading. What about you? Did I miss anything that is essential to good, quality, reading time? Let me know!

PS I’m currently working on a Books to Read “Bucket List.” I’ll post the list when it’s finished! 

2 thoughts on “Essential Guide to Reading

  1. I miss reading so much! Last summer I didn’t work outside our home – I went to the library every week and stocked up. I just don’t have time for it right now. Someday…

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever read again! Since I work from home, my kid’s nap times are filled with work. And since my baby still wakes several times at night, I usually crash after a few pages once they are asleep. I’d love to get lost in a good book. For about a week or so.

    Just a suggestion: could you add a recipes tab to your blog? I was looking for that amazing black bean burger recipe today and had trouble locating it. It’s now pinned, but in case that ever happens again…

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