Vacation Top 10 List

Today is our first day home after a glorious week away on vacation. This was our family’s FIRST vacation, and we soaked up every minute of fun and relaxation. We travelled to Tybee Island, just a short drive outside of Savannah, Georgia, and stayed in a condo on the beach through Air B&B (more on that in my next post).

Tybee Island Sunset. my vacation top 10 list

We divided our days between the beach and the pool and spent most of our evenings in downtown Savannah. We kept our itinerary simple and our expectations low, and as a result, had a low key, drama free trip, despite traveling with two toddlers and a pregnant momma ;-).

This trip was just what the doctor ordered for all of us and we genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. (Well, maybe not the 12+ hour drive, but oh well.) Rather than bore you with a play-by-play of every minute of every day of our trip, I thought I’d put together a fun top 10 list of my favorite vacation moments.

I have a few other vacation themed posts planned. Over the coming week I’ll be discussing how we use Air B&B to travel, sharing my “guidebook” suggestions for visiting Savannah and Tybee, and discussing the tips and tricks that made traveling with my kiddos just a little easier. Stay tuned! Until then, I give you….

Our Vacation Top 10 List

1. My favorite part of our vacation, hands down, was seeing my boys enjoy the ocean with so much zest and joy. They loved everything about it. I was so proud of how brave they were, running right up to the water and jumping in. They played their little hearts out in both the sand and the water, and it thrilled my heart to watch

my vacation top 10 list my vacation top 10 list my vacation top 10 list my vacation top 10 list my vacation top 10 list my vacation top 10 list

It was also particularly fun watching Theo enjoy his time in the pool. On the first day, he was pretty shy about jumping into the water of the baby pool. But by our last night, he was jumping in with reckless abandon, in the big pool! Such fun.

We call him
We call him “the blurr!”

2. I had the pleasure of soaking up lots of cuddle time on the beach with my baby Oliver. There were plenty of times where he’d want to take a break and was simply content to sit on my lap and either watch the waves, or eat a snack. He has officially become a toddler, so I know these moments are fleeting. Nothing filled my heart on this trip like the experience of holding my little boy close, smelling the salt and the sunscreen on his skin, and holding his sweet little body close to mine.

mommy and oliver by the pool. my vacation top 10 list baby O enjoying a snack. my vacation top 10 list mommy and oliver at the beach. my vacation top 10 listbaby toes on the beach! my vacation top 10 list

3. Downtown Savanna is so fun. Mike and I knew from our last trip to town that the river-walk is crowded, but is also home to the world’s best candy shop. I couldn’t wait to take Theo. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but quickly got a handle on filling up his bag with goodies. Probably the first and only time I’ll be excited to pay close to $20 for sugar. But you know, when in Savannah…

Downtown Savannah. my vacation top 10 list


Theo loved running through the fountains on one of Savannah's downtown squares.
Theo loved running through the fountains on one of Savannah’s downtown squares.

4. The food, the foooood!!! Savannah is one of my favorite places to eat. We never had a bad meal, and some of them will certainly go down in the record book as the most fun and memorable. I’ll be discussing all the places we ate at in my guidebook post, so suffice it to say for now that we ate so much, and we ate so well!

my vacation top 10 list my vacation top 10 list my vacation top 10 list

5. One night we stumbled upon a little gem called the Savannah Coffee Roasters. Not only was the coffee fantastic, and the ambience straight out of a Parisienne cafe, but everyone from the baristas to the owners were so friendly and stopped to talk to us. We went back twice! I will never forget their raspberry-rose macaroon’s! The single most delicious pastry I’ve every had the pleasure of tasting, and made by a pastry chef who was trained by none other than Julia Child!

IMG_4049 my vacation top 10 list

best macaroon ever. my vacation top 10 list

6. Watching my boys play together (and watching Theo play with other kids). As Oliver grows older, and Theo (finally) seems to understand that his baby brother isn’t going anywhere (it’s been a long transition, people), they are starting to form a brotherly relationship that makes my momma-heart grow with pleasure. They still don’t play super well together, but they are still very young. However, I really saw a bond start to form on this trip that I know will only grow and strengthen with time.

my boys. my vacation top 10 list     bunk mates. my vacation top 10 list

It was also so much fun to see Theo with the other kids. Tybee Island is a family spot, and our condo was full of young families with kids Theo’s age. Theo loves to play with other kids. I so enjoyed watching him run right up to other kids and just start having a blast along with them. Whether they were in the pool or at the beach, boy or girl, older our younger than him, black or white, he made friends with everyone and played his little heart out.

Theo made friends his first trip down to the beach...chasing a crab!
Theo made friends his first trip down to the beach…chasing a crab!

7. Reading on the beach and by the pool. For the record, I read two books on vacation from start to finish, both of which I started while on vacation (not at home). I had people tell me that I wouldn’t get a chance to read, but that’s just silly. My boys are no stranger to seeing their mommy read on a daily basis. It’s what I do at home, and it’s certainly what I do on vacation.

It. was. Glorious.

I enjoyed picking up my book on the beach while I dried off in the sun after being in the water and the boys played beside me in the sand. And I especially enjoyed reading pool-side while the boys took their afternoon nap. Definitely one of my favorite things about vacation!

beach reading. my vacation top 10 list

8. Spending time with my husband at the ocean. Mike and I are beach people. We don’t need a lot on vacation, just the sun, sand, ocean and each other. It’s been a tough year; I would say it’s been the hardest on record. We all needed this trip, but Mike and I especially needed to be in a place that reminded us of who we are, of what matters, and allowed us to simply savor it all.

Photo by Theo :-)
Photo by Theo 🙂

9. Neither of my kids got sun burned. We ate out every night with relatively little drama. The boys napped at least an hour and a half every day. I didn’t have to cook anything beyond throwing together a simple lunch of sandwiches, fruit, hummus and crackers each day. We didn’t get a single speeding ticket or parking violation (first time ever!). We never waited for a table for dinner. We had perfect weather the entire time, only raining in the evenings once we were already in  for the night! It certainly warrants a note of gratitude that all these little things that can really damper your trip, simply weren’t an issue!

Tybee Island Lighthouse. my vacation top 10 list

10. Teaching our boys the art of relaxation. This is a big one for me. I like to do stuff, but mostly, I like to relax. I enjoyed sharing this life skill with my boys and seeing that they, too, already can appreciate the simple things of life. We spent our days outside in the water. We ate well each evening. We came back and hit the beach for a final stroll before retiring to our condo to watch The Lego Movie, the Women’s World Cup (yay!!!), and Shark Week. That, was that. Nothing fancy. No crazy running around. Just us, enjoying life…together. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Enjoying The Lego Movie
Enjoying The Lego Movie

Stay tuned for my other vacation themed blog posts!

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