On 10 Years of Marriage: An Open Letter to My Husband

Mike –

Can you believe it’s been 10 years? A whole decade! It seems hard to believe, and yet, I can’t believe how much we’ve packed into those years. So much change. So much growth. So much fun. So many tears. So many adventures. So many apartments!

It’s funny to think about how much we love our life together, isn’t it? I mean, if you stop to think about it, our time together has been hard. We’ve faced so many challenges and struggles. And yet, when I do stop to think about our time together, it’s not the struggles that come to mind.

I think about our first two years together. We were so ridiculously young. I think about you coming home from your construction job in your work boots and dirty hat and about how crazy hot you looked (I still think that). I think about me coming home from school, trying to focus on homework but inevitably getting distracted by you. It was more fun to hang out with my best friend.

I think about all the fun, obscure music we’d find during our weekly trips to the library – our only source of entertainment those days. I think about the blanket we’d spread in front of our apartment, with the windows open and the music playing inside, and the hours we’d pass playing chess or Chutes And Ladders.

I think about the graduation party we had at our apartment for you. I think about our first anniversary we celebrated in Cincinnati. I think about that dress you got me for that anniversary, and how much it meant to me – the thought that my husband bought this! I think about the tickets you surprised me with our first Christmas to see the Nutcracker in Columbus. We’ve always loved to get dressed up for a night on the town, haven’t we?

I think about all the conversations we had to figure out what we wanted our life to look like. I think about the trip to Raleigh with high hopes we would soon be making it our home. I think about how hard it was to return to Ohio, with that dream crushed.

I think about all the things we didn’t know yet. I think about how I knew nothing about sex and you knew nothing about dealing with a woman’s emotions. We didn’t know anything about the real world. We thought we knew a lot because, well, college. But we were just kids.

We did know that we loved each other, though. But more than that, we knew we wanted our lives to include each other. No matter what.

So we learned about all the things we didn’t know, and we learned them together. It was’t always easy, and there were plenty of fights. But I even think on those with fondness. They were full of passion and confusion, good intention and poor communication. Remember how worried we were about our neighbors? No wonder they never talked to us. They probably thought we were crazy! And I guess in a way, we were.

I not even 21, you not even 22. You just out of school, me still in it. No money, no clue. Just each other.

Have we really changed that much? I guess not. I mean, we know a thing or two more these days. And of course, we are no longer 21 (sighhhhh). The hard stuff keeps being hard, but the good stuff – somehow – seems to be getting so much better.

I’m crazy about you, babe. Absolutely crazy. You’ve been the best thing about these past 10 years. I’m so glad we didn’t worry about what was practical or well advised and that on July 29, 2005, we said “I do” to making this life, our own.

All my love,


On 10 Years of Marriage: An Open Letter to My Husband

On 10 Years of Marriage: An Open Letter to My Husband On 10 Years of Marriage: An Open Letter to My Husband

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