Our 10 Year Anniversary – Talking About Making it Work

10 years.

At this point I feel as if I’ve always lived life with Mike. I can barely remember where life without him stopped and life with him started. And yet, when I look back at photos of our early years, I can’t help but think of how much we’ve changed and how far we’ve come.

Our life together started under dramatic circumstances. Nothing too dire, just your run of the mill family drama, but suffice it to say that Hollywood won’t be requesting the rights to our story anytime soon for the next RomCom. None the less, our story is our story and a decade later I’m starting to really cherish it. Not for the mistakes or the hardships or even for the good parts, but simple for the fact that it is OUR story. I love the lessons we’ve learned, the progress we’ve made, and the pages that we’ve written line by line – together.

I’ve been reflecting on our whirlwind romance; we met and were engaged within six months and were married 6 months later, all while still being in college. I was wondering, what was it really that made Mike so different. What made him the one that made me immediately want to jump into marriage; do not pass go, do not collect $200. I don’t have a great answer to that question. All I know is that my entire life with Mike has been one giant leap of faith. On the surface, our life might seem like a series of impulsive decisions, and I guess on some level, that’s fair. But the reality is so much deeper than that.

What’s made my relationship with Mike so special and so different from all the other guys I dated and could have ended up with, is the faith I had then – and have to this day – to move forward with him. Whether it was our decision to get married, where to live, jobs to pursue, time to have children, etc, it doesn’t matter. Each and every decision, large and small, has been a leap of faith that I’ve willingly and readily taken with him.

People talk a lot about “the one,” and I’m not even going to get into how crazy that idea is. What I think matters more, what is the realest of real, is finding the person who – when you take their hand – you’ll be content to take leap after leap of faith together.

Life is full of uncertainty. It’s full of unexpected goodness and pain. Life will usually takes you places you never planned on, and aren’t fully prepared to handle. So what matters most isn’t finding “the one,” or the love of your life. What matters is finding the one who will make you love life.

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