The Day My Boys Heard Their Baby Sister’s Heartbeat

The Day My Boys Heard Their Baby Sister's Heartbeat

Last week, my home health nurse arrived for my weekly shot and check up. The boys were alllll up in my business during this visit. Oliver wouldn’t leave my lap, and Theo was constantly either peering over my shoulder, or trying to climb up on me. It was a bit much, especially when you are already being poked and prodded. But I did my best to stay calm, especially because I knew they were just curious about what was going on. Plus, both boys were not feeling well that week which made them extra clingy.

After the routine check up and shot, my nurse asked if we’d like to hear the heart beat.

Uhhhh, yea!!!

I went over to the sofa to lie down, with my little boys trailing right behind me. Oliver climbed up on the sofa with me and cuddled up at my side, while Theo stood next to us. The nurse put the doppler to my tummy and we soon heard a “thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.”

She looked over at Theo and asked if he knew what that was.

Theo’s eyes got really big and said (yelled), “That’s my baby sister!”

At the moment, baby girl gave us a big kick that sound like a thwaaack against the doppler, and Theo and Oliver both jumped and started giggling.

Later that evening, I asked Theo to tell his daddy what he got to hear earlier that day.

He made the heart beat sound for Mike.

“What was that, Theo?” I asked.

With a huge grin on his face, Theo leaned over to his daddy and whispered, “My baby sister!”

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