The Natural Ways I’m Fighting My Allergy Symptoms (Alternately Titled, The Day I Took the Most Expensive Nap Ever)

Allergies. Bah. Am I right?

Allergies are the bane of my existence, and right now, they are making me feel downright miserable.

The headaches. The congestion. The stuff that runs down the back of your throat and makes all your food taste like nothing. Make it stop! Please, someone!

Despite the major pain in the neck (literally) that allergies can be, I’ve found a few simple, natural ways to fight my allergy symptoms. These are all pregnant-momma approved, as there are very few allergy medications that are both safe and effective to take while pregnant. (At least I’ve not found the safe ones to be all that effective. And Tylenol for an allergy headache? I’ve found more relief at just the sight of a cup of coffee than I have by actually taking Tylenol.) Please note that I am only offering suggesting to alleviate symptoms, not cure allergies. If you happen to have some insight on how to cure this abomination, please, by all means…SHARE!

Anyways…Here are my suggestions:

Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve written extensively about the magical affect of apple cider vinegar on my allergy symptoms. You can read all about my discovery in this post.

Basically, I was going to my doctor every three to four months for a new prescription for a never ending sinus infection. Since starting my daily does of apple cider vinegar, I’ve been on exactly ZERO antibiotics for sinus infections! What does this mean? It means that apple cider vinegar is truly magical and you should start taking it, either diluted in water or in capsule form – the less gross option – immediately. It doesn’t eliminate my allergy symptoms entirely (I wish), but it does stop them from causing my body to respond with a sinus infection.

cold pack for the back of your neck/head

My allergy symptoms cause extreme headaches and lots of neck pain. I’ve found that one thing that really alleviates both is a cold compact to the back of my neck/head. I have an herbal back full of great, headache-soothing herbs and other goodness that can be stored in the freezer and applied anywhere on the body. It doesn’t cure headaches, but it does make them more tolerable and less likely that you will go completely postal on your family because of the intense pressure and pain.

cold eye mask/compress

Ok, this tip has been my saving grace this past week! Seriously, while my symptoms were the worst, I applied my cold eye mask to my face no less than 2-3 times a day! Sinus pressure builds up around the eyes, eyebrows and nose, all of which are covered by my freezable eye mask. I’ve been taking all my naps and even going to bed with my herbal icepack on behind my neck, and the eye mask on my face. It helps reduce swelling and pressure, and generally makes me feel more relaxed and well rested.

Give yourself some props

Post-nasal drip is disgusting, but it’s real. The only way I can cope is to stay propped up when I’m napping/sleeping. It helps reduce pressure, coughing and general discomfort.

Drink it all down

As silly and simple as it might seem, I’ve found that a constant flow of liquids goes a long way to alleviating my allergy symptoms. My drink of choice is ice water, but herbal teas are good too and can help cut all the gunk in your throat. (I’m not 100% sure, but I believe “gunk” is the official, medical term.)

There you have it. Those are my all natural ways to help fight your allergy symptoms. It’s not perfect, but they do go a long way in helping this miserable momma find some relief.

Oh, and there is one other thing…

Like I said, my allergies have been brutal lately. I have this theory about sickness and pregnancy. It’s been my experience that when you are pregnant, your body sends all it’s immunity and illness fighting ability to protect and defend your baby, leaving you high and dry. This may not be scientifically accurate, but man does it feel true.

So last week was really just the pits as a result of said allergies and said helpless momma syndrome and also the two crazy toddlers who live with me and require around the clock care. One day in particular had me feeling really low, like I could barely lift my congested, feel-like-a-brick head off my pillow, kinda low. My kids were equally as cranky and I just really, really needed a nap. (And a head transplant, but that seemed a little much to ask for.)

So around noon, I shot my babysitter and SOS text and asked if she could come over after my kids’ nap time to take them to the park so I could keep right on sleeping. And she said yes!!! Boy was I excited. So excited that I promptly feel asleep and didn’t wake up until she walked in the door two hours later. I roused myself enough to get the kids packed up and on their little way to the park and was back to sleep before they were out the door. Two more glorious hours of sleep! Oh happy day!

All this to say. Allergies suck. But babysitters are great. This will henceforth be known as the most expensive nap ever, but I don’t even care. So when it doubt, pay someone to take care of the things you are responsible for that day, prop yourself up with some cold compresses, and get some zzzz’s!

Expensive? Yes.

Worth it? Absolutely.

3 thoughts on “The Natural Ways I’m Fighting My Allergy Symptoms (Alternately Titled, The Day I Took the Most Expensive Nap Ever)

  1. Things that I find helpful for my allergies, but I’m not pregnant:

    Honey, best if from local producers as more effective against local allergens
    I always recirculate the air in my car, that fresh air is full of allergens
    Same with the air in my home, A/C is my best friend
    Don’t dry my clothes outside as that makes them allergen collectors
    I plan outdoor activities in the late afternoon or eve when possible, or after it rains and when it’s not windy
    Essentials oils: R.C. and Thieves, topically or diffused, these do have the pregnancy and nursing disclaimers to consult a physician before using

    Hope you find some relief!

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