A 7-Day (Prenatal) Yoga Challenge!

This pregnancy I’ve been enjoying running, walking, and light weight training more than any other activities to keep me healthy, strong, and feeling good. However, there is nothing like yoga to help stretch me out, soothe achy muscles, and make me feel rejuvenated.

Additionally, during pregnancy I struggle with crazy restless legs that can make sitting and/or sleeping a struggle. Yoga offers the extra benefit of helping to calm the jittery feeling.

Depending on who you talk to, some people will say you can do any yoga pose you are comfortable with during pregnancy, while others offer a more cautious view (ie avoid inversions, any poses where you are on your back, etc.). I’m not going to get into any advice today, outside of recommending that you not start something new during pregnancy. But if you are an active person who has tried yoga in the past, no matter how sporadically, and are also pregnant, then this challenge is for you!

For my 7-day challenge, I’ll be posting a pose a day via Instagram that is pregnant momma friendly. I’ll describe the pose and the benefits and include the sanskrit name just because that’s fun to learn :-). If you aren’t pregnant, but perhaps are just new to yoga and interested in giving it a try, these poses will be great for you too! Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. If you really want to make things special, snap a photo of yourself in the pose and post it on instagram, tagging me at @hisgirlfriday14 with the hastag, #HGFyogachallenge.

Whether you post pictures for all to see, or just try a few poses in the privacy of your living room, I hope you will join me in the fun. And as always, feel free to ask any questions as we go along, or even suggest poses you want to see! Let’s do this!

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