Brothers and BMX

In terms of coolness, I have to say my brother has always had me beat. He is just the kind of guy that everyone loves, with a contagious laugh and a knack for telling the types of stories that makes everyone double over with laughter. He is good at everything he does. Or to put it another way: My most popular blog post to date? Yea. It was about him. (You can read, “Here’s Lookin at You, Kid” here.)

Here’s the thing. I’ve always been a little jealous of my friends who have sisters. I mean sure, in high school it was all drama over who borrowed what and who took longer in the bathroom, but as adults, the sister bond sounds pretty great. I feel like I know so many girls who are down to hang out…as long as they aren’t doing something with their sister first.

Brothers are just different. My brother and I have always been close. I genuinely love hanging out with him, and I would consider us not just siblings, but also friends. But having a brother is not like having a sister.

Josh and I have always shared a love of good food, strong coffee, and old movies. We laugh hard and conversation flows when we are together. But boys are just so dang independent! Brother’s don’t need their sisters to be their best friend. They love them in their brotherly way, and then are off. Brothers don’t need to talk on the phone, or hang out all the time, or spend a Saturday with you shopping.

And that’s ok.

Because brother’s are like the sport BMX. Wild. Risky. Unconventional. Full of surprises and moments that make your heart jump.

This weekend, we went to a BMX Jam that Josh and his buddy put together. BMXers came in from surrounding states and together, Josh and Brant hosted and pulled off a killer event. The skatepark was full of ramps, guys doing amazing tricks, and an energy that you felt the moment you walked into the park.

I’ve always loved watching Josh on his bike. Remember what I said earlier? About Josh just being so stinkin cool and good at everything? Well BMX is a huge part of that. I love to watch him pull off tricks that range from super technical to just plain jaw dropping. I love to see how relaxed he is on his bike. Like you just know without out a shadow of a doubt that he is doing something he loves. But I also love to hear what other people say about Josh as they are watching him. People go crazy for him. Other people are always commenting on how skilled of a rider he is. But I think it’s more than that. I think people can instinctively feel when you are in your element, and dong something you love. Josh isn’t just good at BMX – he loves it, and it shows.

As I stood watching my little brother this weekend, I wasn’t just proud of his BMX skills, though. I was so impressed by him as a person. As someone who has pursued something they love. As someone who has never given up. As someone who has constantly strived to be better. As someone who has pursued a passion just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Even more than all that, I was proud of my brother for bringing others together to share in a day of friendly competition. Proud of his leadership and organization skills. Some people might not give Josh credit for being a leader in the BMX world, but that is exactly what he is.

As Theo and I stood and watched the event that Josh put together, I was reminded that I don’t always appreciate our relationship for what it is. True, Josh and I don’t have the type of relationship that my girlfriends have with their sisters.

But I don’t have a sister, I have a brother.

A brother who does amazing things, and teaches me about pursuing passions, and who does things that make me really, reeeeeally proud. A brother who my boys look up to, and admire. A brother who rides BMX.

Like the sport itself, there is always an element of risk with a brother. Of unpredictability. Of strength. Adventure. And truth be told, BMX is an individual sport.

Brothers may not hang out with you every weekend or call you up just to tell you about their day, but I think brothers give you something even a little bit better – they give you a relationship that will always be there, that will always be full of excitement and fun, and will remind you of who you are and who you love. Brothers remind you to chase dreams, to be passionate, and to have fun in life.

And that, is pretty special.


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