A Birthday Post

It’s my birthday! Hoooray!!!! I know you are jumping up and down and throwing confetti as you you read this, I just know it! So from me to you, thanks for the enthusiasm.

I love my birthday. Like, love-love-love it. I plan on loving it and squeezing every last drop of enjoyment out of my birthdays forever and ever, because life is just too full of other boring/hard/frustrating stuff not to savor the one day you get each year to honor your existence! I 100% plan on being the old lady at the nursing home who shuts down the cafeteria for a birthday party, complete with cake and a little dancing. There is no shame in my game when it comes to celebrating birthdays. 

I’m not sure what all this, my birthday week, holds in store. I know for certain that I have a special birthday breakfast planned with my brother, a dinner with my three main squeezes, and a couple coffee and dinner dates sprinkled in here in there. Ah! It’s all so wonderful. I love it.

So last year I turned 30, which, if I do the math correctly, makes this year my 31st birthday. I kinda had a hard time with 30, I’m not gonna lie. But 30 has now come and gone and I now realize she wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, I kinda like my thirties. (Did I really just say that???) I’ve learned a lot, grown a lot, and enjoyed a lot over the past year. I know, I know, you are just dying to know what those things are, right? Well I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here are a few things I learned and loved about being 30:

-30 really isn’t that different form 29.
-I feel more comfortable in my own skin and embrace the real me in a way that is much more authentic and effortless than when I was in my twenties.
-I’ve learned to keep a loose grasp on people; as a result, while a loose grasp allows some people to slip away, it also makes it easier to welcome in new ones.
-I’ve accepted the fact that if, by now, I can’t flip a pancake without completely destroying it, then I guess I’ll never will.
-I return phone calls quicker, and am less likely to put things off in general. I was the queen of stalling in my twenties. An important voicemail? I’ll check you later. A stack of junk mail on my counter? I’ll deal with you…eventually. Oil change? I’ll put you on the calendar right after that dentist appointment I’m never going to go to.
– I still can’t tell time, I still write my schedule down in an actual appointment book, and I still send out cards in the mail. These things, no matter how old I get, will not change.
-I’m more confident in who I am, and comfortable if no one else gets it.
-Marriage in your thirties is awesome. You still get to do all the fun things you did when you were in your twenties, but you have a little more disposable income to do it with.
– I find that I still kinda love the things I loved when I was a teenager and in my twenties. I probably just wouldn’t admit them to your face.
-I’ve learned to be brave this past year in a lot of different ways. I’ve also learned that just because you decide to be brave doesn’t mean you’ve passed your last hurdle. The hurdles keep coming, which means the brave need to keep on bravin.
-I’ve learned that I really do love this whole stay at home mom thing. Go ahead, call me a stay at home mom. Associate me with Cheerios, a minivan, and play dates. I don’t care. Actually – I’m kinda proud of that fact.
-I’ve realized that I can’t look at the dreams of my youth that went unfulfilled and assume that the dreams were flawed. Instead, sometimes dreams are just the inspiration and motivation to keep you on the path towards the thing you are supposed to experience. This past year, I learned that even if some dreams look like they went unfulfilled, in reality, they just materialized in a different way. I’m good with that.
-I still feel 26. But I’m happy to be 31.

You can read last year’s birthday post, about thirties being the new twenties, here.

A Birthday Post

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