Five Things

  1. Being pregnant is awesome. Being sick is awful. Being pregnant and sick is awesomely awful, as in, you are still so wonderfully grateful for being pregnant, but dangit body! Get it together!

2. You know that thing girls with long, straight hair do, where they casually run their fingers through their hair and kinda toss it off to one side of their part or the other and it looks just so dang casually sexy? I wish I could do that. Curly hair, does not, do that.

3. Recently, in a moment of rash, unfiltered, crankiness, I called someone an idiot in full hearing range of Theo. Unfortunately, he repeated this. Fortunately, when he repeated this, he said that I had called someone a “neat person.” Thank goodness for things that get lost in translation with kids.

4. I needed a pair of long leggings to get me through this pregnancy but didn’t want to spend much moolah. I found a pair at Walmart for $4.99 and they’ve really been making my life so much easier. They aren’t maternity but one size up and and $5 later and I was one happy girl. I know you didn’t really need to know this, but this is the pertinent information of my life right now so….

5. Last week I sorted, folded, and put away baby girl clothes. It was kinda the best.

That is all.

I can't wait to see our sweet little cupcake in this sweet little number!
I can’t wait to see our sweet little cupcake in this sweet little number!

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