My Birthday Dinner With My Boys

This post could alternately be titled “The Night I Ate All the Food.” Because, basically, that’s how we roll. We celebrate life’s important occasions by stuffing ourselves silly with things that are equal parts delicious and nutritionally horrible for you. It is the great American Dream.

I was feeling really terrible the week of my birthday, and suggested we not even do dinner out. But, my husband being the wonderful person that he is (and knowing that I would really, really be bummed if we didn’t do anything), insisted that we go ahead with our dinner plans – sickness and all. 

We had plans to go to this place in Akron’s Highland Square that Mike and I have only previously gone for ice cream, called Mary Coyle’s. We were curious about their pizza which they herald as “award winning.” Our ice cream experience had been pretty top notch, so we had high hopes.

My Birthday Dinner With My Boys

The pizza, did not disappoint. Which is good, because I love pizza. Like, love it. Like I could eat it every week. It’s an amazing food. Anyways, so this pizza…You could only order it in one size, so we asked our waitress what to expect. She said each pizza served about 2 people. We were two adults and two toddlers so naturally we ordered three, knowing the boys would only eat a few slices which would leave us with enough for 4.5 people’s worth. You could tell the waitress was puzzled when we ordered three. She had her “I just told you one was enough for two people” look on her face. So I put on my best, “Lady, you’ve apparently never seen me eat before” look and that was that.

The pizza was unique (always a good thing in my book), came out quickly (always a good thing when dining with toddlers), and oh-so-delicious. This restaurant is family owned and operated, almost 100 years old, and the decor was truly a blast from the past. It all worked together to create a cozy, Godfatherish-without-the-violence atmosphere that was really hitting all the right notes for me.

My Birthday Dinner With My BoysMy Birthday Dinner With My Boys My Birthday Dinner With My Boys My Birthday Dinner With My Boys My Birthday Dinner With My Boys My Birthday Dinner With My Boys

After eating all three of our pizzas (and giving our waitress a knowing, “I told ya so” look), we did the only respectable thing to do: we ordered sundaes the size of our face. I don’t eat a lot of ice cream because dairy kinda doesn’t make me feel that great, but it was my birthday and it really seemed irresponsible not to order a sundae in a place that clearly lived to make people happy with the size and quality of their desserts.

My Birthday Dinner With My Boys

The boys had surprised us and scarfed down more pizza than I expected, but they were equally as eager to enjoy a bowl of ice cream, too. So a bowl of chocolate for Theo, and strawberry for Oliver, while mommy and daddy devoured sundaes with the works. Mine was a delicious combination of coffee ice cream, marshmallow creme, and black walnut topping. Heaven. Pure. Heaven.

My Birthday Dinner With My Boys

We went for a short stroll afterwards. We said it was to enjoy the evening but, lets be honest, we had some serious dinner to walk off.

On the walk, we passed an older couple who had also been in the restaurant with us for dinner. We were busy trying to keep the boys from running out into the street when the wife put her hand on my arm.

“I have to tell you,” she said. “You have a really beautiful family.”

My little momma heart grew three sizes in that moment. Of course I think I have a beautiful family, but I also know they are wild, loud, and pretty disruptive. In fact, they were all three in the restaurant during dinner, so her conclusion of my family after being in the same dining establishment as us was pretty, well, surprising. But it was also really, really sweet. It kind of made my night. I said “thank you” and told her how much that meant to me and then we continued on our separate ways.

We snapped a few photos. We drove home. It was a very pleasant way to spend a 31st birthday.

Birthday dinner report, over and out.

My Birthday Dinner With My Boys My Birthday Dinner With My Boys My Birthday Dinner With My Boys

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