Wishing I Were A Cooler Blogger

The other day I was looking at some of the other blogs that I admire. On a daily basis, I see piles of unbelievable photos of trendy households, uber stylish wardrobes, and just all this cool stuff, you know? And then I look around at my life, with my wonderful but modest home that would hardly be featured in Houz, and my wardrobe that is, well, not only maternity but on it’s third cycle, and I think about all the cool stuff I want to do or have but can’t right now, and I feel just so…so…..normal.

I do not, for the record, say this with an ounce of self pity or jealousy. It’s not that I long to be someone different, or that I think these other people are somehow better than me. Sure, I would take some of these blogger’s wardrobes in .01 seconds if they offered them to me, but I really am content with my life. I just wonder sometimes why people would ever want a tour of my home, or a preview of my capsule wardrobe, etc, etc, when there are so many better, cooler options out there.

I was sharing this sentiment with my resident counselor, wise-worded speaker, and our official level headed person – Mike. AKA the husband. I wasn’t complaining, I was just feeling like how can my blog compete amidst all this coolness. All these trendy lifestyles. All the stuff!

As always, the hubs responded with his typical combination of practicality and easy-goingness that often times (most times) drives me bonkers, mostly because I know he is right and it’s just annoying. Anyways.

He told me that my normality was a good thing; that there are more normal people out there than the super “of the moment” types. He said I just need to take my normal and make it awesome.

I liked that.

So I’m going to just continue showing you guys my normal. My normal home with it’s outdated bathroom. My normal kids with their normal good days and bad days. My normal wardrobe. My normal lifestyle that isn’t subsidized, sponsored, or profitable in any way.

Why? Because I really, honestly, just love doing this.

There are bloggers out there whose wardrobes make me weak in the knees or whose homes make me feel like I’m basically the little old lady who lives in the shoe by comparison, but you know what? That is their bag. My bag is a little worn and probably second hand. That’s me, that’s my blog. And it’s not so much, “I hope you like me despite the differences,” as it is, “I hope you enjoy the difference.”

2 thoughts on “Wishing I Were A Cooler Blogger

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I follow quite a few bloggers who are single, working full time and have plenty of disposable income. I remember those days and I enjoyed them (although with significantly less disposable income – it was more than I’d ever had). But I love my life so much more now, because it’s shared with the one I love. A few weeks ago I had one of those moments where I looked around my house and felt like it needed so many things to make it look better. Then a lady who attended my pie party came up to me at church and told me she went home and looked around HER house, thinking she wished it was as nice as mine. Ouch…and a good reminder of how truly blessed I am!

    I love your blog, not just because I’ve always loved you as a person, but because you use what you have and make it the best you can for your family. You’re not spending $800/month on your wardrobe, but you’re working hard to make your home a comfortable, safe, delicious place for your family. And that’s what’s important to me, too! ❤ Hugs!

    1. Whitney, you are absolutely right about finding the perspective that we are blessed, not matter how different our lives might look. I guess I sometimes struggle to imagine why anyone else would find inspiration in my simple living when there are so many cooler, flashier options out there. Thank you for the encouraging words that you enjoy my blog (and me 😉 ) for who I am! At the end of the day, I love doing what I do, and I simply hope that others love it and find inspiration in it too.

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