An Update On My Bumpdate

This pregnancy is number: 3

Baby gender: girl!

Space between kids: Oldest is 4, middle just turned 2

Trimester: 3rd

Weeks: 35!

Number of progesterone shots received: 16

Number of steroid injections for pre-term labor: 2

Week my contractions started: 27

Total weight gained: Hey! That’s private!

Weeks spent feeling nauseous: All of the first trimester, part of the second, and so far, all of the third. (Maybe it’s a girl thing? I didn’t have any sickness with my boys…)

Food cravings: Not much. (See below) Although, at this current moment I could really go for some Pad Thai, extra spicy. Also, all the salads. I could eat one a day.

Food aversions: Most things…

Best perk to pregnancy: My hubby helps do the dishes. Like all the time. It’s kinda amazing. And the hair. You can’t beat pregnancy hair. Oddly enough, my skin hasn’t been as “glowy” this time around. It was flawless with the boys, so maybe the gender plays a role in how your skin reacts during pregnancy? Who knows.

Best part about being pregnant right now: I love knowing I’m having a little girl. I love seeing my boys (especially Theo) interact with my bumb – saying hi to baby, asking me what baby is doing, and coming up randomly to “pat the baby.” 🙂

Worst part about being pregnant right now: Sleeping. I dread night time. It’s impossible to get comfortable, and even harder to fall asleep. (Dang you, restless legs!)

Things that make me feel the best: Walking, loads of B vitamins (helps with the restless legs), and taking each day as it comes. Oh, and naps. Lots of naps.

Swelling? Nope. I’ve never experienced swelling with any of my pregnancies, though.

Baby’s movements: Starting to really pick up. I haven’t felt a ton of movement up until recently, largely due to her placement. But she is really on the go now! Feeling some strong kicks lately.

Miss anything?: I miss being able to do most of my yoga poses. They are what keep me feeling stretched out and relaxed. Without them, I mostly feel all tight and bunched up inside. Also, I miss food tasting good to me. My taste buds have been under serious assault this pregnancy.

Maternity clothes?: Oh yea. That ship sailed a few weeks ago.

Feeling nervous about delivery?: Yes and no. I had a pretty traumatic, almost life-or-death delivery experience with Oliver, but I know that we are in very good hands and I don’t expect a repeat experience with this baby. I’ve been closely monitored this pregnancy and I’m not showing any signs of the complications I had with Oliver. Mostly, I’m just excited to meet our little girl!

Thing I most excited about?: Oh, so many things. I can’t wait to hold her, to share her name with others, to get to experience baby wearing and nursing again, and most of all – to add this little person to our family. We are ready for you, baby girl!

An Update On My Bumpdate My Pregnancy So Far: An Update

An Update On My Bumpdate

2 thoughts on “An Update On My Bumpdate

  1. I’ll have to remember the vitamin B thing if we go for baby #3 in the future. ..restless leg was the worst!

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