Five Things

1.) I wasn’t going to post today because, iiii didn’t want to. My kiddos are sick with colds and I’m running on zero, but after spending some time alone, thinking and praying, I decided that I wanted to try and focus on the miracle of life more and on the mess of life, less. The struggle is reeeeal folks. 

So I put the boys in “room time” and hauled myself and my comfiest pillow into their room to hang out with them and bust out a quick post. I might have to burn my clothes after spending some time in Theo’s bed, but it was kinda fun to hang with the boys in their space.Five Things

2.) The other day I came into the boys room to get them up and ready only to discover that they had apparently been up for quite awhile. Theo and Oliver were both out of bed playing. It should be noted that Oliver can’t get out of his crib on his own yet, so I was a little confused. Oliver was also wearing one of Theo’s old shirts. I looked at Theo and asked him what was going on. He told me that he got Oliver out of bed and dressed him because he wanted to help me (sweet). He then proceeded to throw a few toys at Oliver (not so sweet). They had also eaten an entire pack of peanut butter crackers for “breakfast.” I mean, like, the whole pack. That is 6 individually wrapped packages of 6 crackers each. *Sigh* Oh well. Ya win some and ya lose some.Five Things

3.) The front of my hips have been super tight as a result of a growing belling. I’m thankful for the few yoga poses that I can still pull off, and for the provided relief they still offer. Camel Pose is definitely my favorite right now.

Five Things

4.) My aunt posted this the other day and I just really loved it. Hope you do too.

Five Things

5.) This tree is in my backyard and it is basically the most beautiful thing ever.

That is all.

See ya on Monday, folks.

Five Things

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