Things I Love: Orange Clove Dish Soap, Face Oil, and Honest Slogans

I’ve been using a few products lately that I’ve really fallen in love with, so I thought I’d share them with you today (along with several other favorites).

Mrs. Meyers Orange Clove dish soap smells a-mazing. I won’t go so far to say that it makes doing the dishes any easier, but it does make the process (and your whole kitchen) smell like a Christmas party. 

-I love using oil on my face, and that’s coming from someone with suuuuper oily skin (at least in my t-zone). I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve found a lot of success with the homeopathic approach to skin care – ie, treat like with like.

The thinking is this: if you have oily skin, it’s because (for whatever reason) your skin thinks it needs to produce excess oil. The solution? Give it more oil, and it will back off production. I don’t know why this works, it just does. I’ve washed my face with oil in the past (yes, I said washed), and have never had clearer skin as a result. I will probably return to that this winter.

For now, I’m loving this Aromatherapeutic Rose Argan Oil from Acure Organics. I apply it to my face post-washing and it both moisturizes and helps fight oil production. Win-win!

-I experience the horror of restless legs during pregnancy. The two things that help are extra B vitamins, and nightly baths with epsom salts. Your body can absorb the magnesium through your skin and it has a soothing effect on RLS. Plus, you can get some that smell divine.

-Awhile ago, I mentioned that I bought myself a cheap pair of leggings from Walmart to get me through the pregnancy. They were $5 and have been a true lifesaver. They were cheap enough that I don’t mind stretching the elastic to kingdom come, but also comfy enough that they are really all I want to wear in these final days of pregnancy. I only mention these leggings again because 1) they are on sale now for $4 and 2) even maternity pants kind of hurt my belly. They sit right where additional pressure makes life really uncomfortable. These leggings, though, with their cheap and stretchy waistband cause no such pain. Love.

These Honest Slogans really cracked me up. Especially the one about the Yellow Pages.

-And in case you needed a Thursday pick me up, listen here.

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