An Interview With Me

i prefer salty over sweet

french fries and salads tie for all-time favorite foods

i live in a world of extremes and opposites (see above)

the chocolate-peanut butter combination both disgusts and confuses me. i’m sorry.

i’m not a patient person

two of my all time favorite movies are Orange County and Anchorman.  i have the sense of humor of a seventh grade boy.

reading is my happy place

my children are a never ending source of  both joy and consternation (sometimes simultaneously).

i have a hard time not taking it personally how stupidly expensive life can be. i know it’s not rational, but the cost of owning a cell phone or keeping our electricity on just seems mean.

i am emotionally attached to coffee

if i had to choose, i’d rather be around someone who is rude than boring. boring people are just the worst.

motherhood has changed me in ways that I would have once thought was a sign of weakness, but I now realizes is a sign of extraordinary growth and depth.

i do not make my bed, and I do not make my children make theirs. i believe everyone should be allowed to have an area of their life that you are allowed to keep messy.

if sitting in a coffee shop and reading books or talking to friends were a job, I would like, totally be a millionaire. as it is, this habit currently has the opposite effect on my finances, but so be it. i am good at coffee shopping with friends.

i love being social, but I recharge emotionally through smaller, quieter interactions.

i love going to concerts and dancing at weddings.  i dislike amusement parks and riding in elevators.

i have zero artistic ability, but I love and appreciate art.

the best part about my thirties so far has been a newfound freedom from worrying about what others think about me. i can’t make everyone like me, happy with my decisions, or care about the things that matter to me, and that is ok.

i can get along with almost any type of person, but selfishness is a real deal breaker for me. i’m always surprised by the people who end up being the most selfless…or selfish. it’s never who you expect.

sometimes i’ll do something impractical just to be contrary. i get so tired of everyone’s practicality. practical = boring = steals my soul

carnations are one of my favorite flowers. they aren’t fancy and don’t try to be all showy like lilies (which smell like death) or roses (lame). they are just simple, fun, and a little retro. they are the me of flowers.

i’m bold, impulsive, and impatient, but if I have too much time to make a decision I can easily allow fear to squelch my decision making ability. this bugs the heck out of me.

the TV character I most relate to is Felicity from Felicity (and not just because we have the same hair). #TeamBenForLyfe

the TV character I like to think I could have been in another life is Sydney from Alias.

my favorite pizza topping is kalamata olives. yummm, sallllt.

i love to cook. it makes me sad that cooking is becoming a lost art and viewed as this burden of the modern woman.

my biggest pet peeve with people is when others don’t know how to carry a conversation. (i’ll let you in on a secret, it involves asking about the other person, instead of talking about yourself.)

i grew up spending time out in my dad’s shop while he worked on old cars, in the kitchen with my mom, or outside exploring with my brother.

for me, the epitome of luxury would be to have a Town Car and personal driver. it would be a dream come true to never have to drive again. i could just sit in the back, reading, instagramming and…well, lets be honest, sleeping.

i can’t think of a single famous person I’d like to meet. fame doesn’t impress me all that much.

i only own one pair of sweat pants and i do not wear them in public. i have a very strict “no lounge-wear in public” policy.

life goals include (but are not limited to): owning an RV and taking annual, family road trips together; becoming a published author; living in a city that makes my soul sing; achieving a whole year’s worth of getting birthday cards mailed out on time; cultivating a home that is known as a refuge and refreshment to all who enter; raising kids who know how to give and receive love; learning how to dance; being invited to something where knowing how to dance is vital to crushing it socially; always being so in love with my hubby that it absolutely sickens and embarrasses the pants off my kids.

4 thoughts on “An Interview With Me

  1. When I read the first few things on this list (especially the one about the chocolate-peanut butter combination), I wondered how we were ever close friends! Then I got to the one about having the sense of humor of a 7th grade boy. There it is! I frequently describe my sense of humor in the same terms.

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