Flannel Sheets, Pregnancy Cravings, and Crocheted Baby Items

These Sheets


Now that we have both our boys in twin beds, we needed to up our sheet game (we go through a looooot of sheets). I found some fun flannel sheets when I went shopping and I couldn’t resist buying a set for each of the boys. I have such fond memories of hopping in a very cozy, flannel-sheeted bed on a chilly evening when I was growing up. Plus, who can resist a good moose or plaid print? (Not me.)

These Handmade Items


My maternal grandmother crocheted each of my sons a blanket and they are wonderful. She also made baby girl this adorable cap and cape, which I think are too sweet for words. I love handmade items and I’ll choose them over store-bought any day!

These Pregnancy Cravings


I haven’t had many food cravings this pregnancy, quite the opposite, actually. Most things just haven’t tasted or sounded good. So, when I do have a craving, I usually cave pretty quickly ;-). The other day I was grocery shopping and bought every single thing that sounded good to me – veggie sushi, kombucha, and Starbucks.

This Little Boy


I’ve so enjoyed my afternoons with Oliver while Theo is at preschool. Oliver is my easy going little buddy, and we’ve had so much fun together – going for coffee dates, grocery shopping, or staying at home getting things done while big brother is at school.

And This Little Boy


Theo’s love for puppies is deep and indiscriminating. We went to the park together this week and met Mya, the sweetest little one-eyed pitt bull that you ever did see. Theo and Mya were fast friends, and I had a nice chat with Mya’s owner, a friendly older lady who complimented my boys and made this momma’s heart grow three sizes.

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