Baby Bea, Blanket Time, and Breakfast

So basically, my days lately have been consumed with – Who needs to eat what, and when? Who needs to sleep next, and where? And of course, Who needs their diaper changed, and how much longer can I put it off?

So I apologize if my “Thursday Things I Love” isn’t that exciting today. Ah, such is life ;-). Anyways, enjoy.


This Card

A friend of mine sent me this adorable card. She said she made it on the app called “ink.” Have you heard of it? The card came laminated, and postage was prepaid so you don’t need a stamp. My friend (Hi Mandy!) said it’s a fun and easy way to send cards to people, and I can see why!


This Daddy

Is it any wonder why I’ve had a kid every other year for the past five years? I mean, look at this guy. He just kills me. Best, dad, ever.


This Parenting Trick

We used “blanket time” on an almost daily basis when Theo was Oliver’s age (two), but kinda forgot about it there for awhile. But with the birth of baby Bea, Oliver turning into a full blown toddler, and me just absolutely running on nothing but a whole lot of coffee and prayer, blanket time is back.

You might say, “How does this work? I could never keep my kid on a blanket.” But here is the thing – My boys are crazy. In-sane. I can’t even begin to describe the level of destruction and havoc these two wreak on a daily basis.  (Theo took pliers to our ceiling fan and cut the wires the other day, so there. Just, there.)

The thing about blanket time is that it is hard to make it work, but it pays you back big time if you put in the effort .

So basically, I put two blankets down and a child on each blanket. I then give them a few toys (They don’t choose, I do). They are then instructed to play quietly.

Some days it’s like trying to keep cats on a blanket, but honestly, kids eventually get the hang of it, even my crazy kids. (Also, I don’t usually leave the room. This is a “mommy needs a moment on the couch with her coffee” kinda deal. Not, “mommy needs a shower and will now leave you unattended for the next hour” kinda deal.


This Other Blanket Time

Beatrice was on her blanket the other night while we ate when Theo walked over and lay down beside her. Next thing we knew, one of his arms was under her little head, and the other was hugging her close to his body. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.IMG_8245


This Necklace

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I love-love-love my necklace from Charmed Collections. I love that the chain is delicate and short, and the three little gold discs that each contain a child’s initial are also delicate and so pretty. I enjoy wearing this special piece on a daily basis.


This Early Morning Silhouette

Oliver got in bed with me one morning and grabbed my phone off my night stand. I snapped this photo because I thought the backlight would create a cool silhouette, and I was right. I love this so much.


This Baby Girl

Ahhh! I can’t even handle the cuteness.


This Treat

One day we went out for doughnuts. They were delicious. I love doughnuts so much. The end.


This Evening

First of all, we’ve had so many wonderful people bring us food since Bea’s birth. We’ve been touched and encouraged by these meals, and of course, very well fed! One night we ate our delicious meal (brought to us by my main girl, Sheila) while watching a movie together. It’s so fun to turn the ordinary moments of life into something special and memory worthy, isn’t it? Also, how good is taco soup? And rice crispy treats???


This New Business

I’m so proud of my husband. As a way to both supplement our income and do something that he loves, Mike has started his own business. Introducing, Basic Elements by Mike!

Mike is making projects from reclaimed, oak wood. So far he’s made trays, coffee mug holders, stocking holders, and these amazing signs with vintage animal prints, various texts, and other cool images (like Sherlock Holmes!)

What is most amazing about the signs Mike is making is that he draws the image himself and then makes his own stencils. How talented is he???

If you love these as much as I do, you can follow him on Instagram and facebook at BasicElements_by_Mike. You can message him via social media to place an order. He even has a PayPal account set up!


This Pouty Face

Oliver cracks me up. I had to put him in time out the other day and he just soooobbed. LOL. Oh the drama.


This Breakfast

The other night, my sister-in-law came over and we stayed up late gabbing and laughing. She decided to just stay over and the next morning we had so much fun enjoying one of Mike’s wonderful breakfasts together. I can’t tell you how much I love having a sister. It’s kinda the best.

There is nothing that I love more than having my home and my dinner table full of people. I have this dream where, someday, I’ll have a dining room table that sits twice what my current one seats, and it still won’t be big enough to accommodate everyone. It’s not just about the food that is eaten or the conversations that are had, although those play a huge part too. I guess it’s just about nurturing life. In all it’s messiness. In all it’s demands. In all it’s goodness.

I’ve been thinking about this topic so much lately. What do I want for my life? What will make me feel successful at the end of it?

I have so many interests and jobs that I would love to try my hand at, but what will really make me feel like I’ve accomplished something? What will really feed my soul?

I want my home to be the first place that people think of when they have a story to share, a need to be met, or a day that needs brightened. I want to measure the success of my life by the amount of people who have slept on my couch; by the amount of laughs shared over a bottle of wine; by the amount of hearts poured out over a cup of coffee; by the amount of meals shared together in good times and bad.

If my house can be known as a home that is open to all – and restores those who enter – then, oh man, that’s really all I need.

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