Thursday Things I Love: Sushi, Netflix, and Ring Slings

Well folks, little Beatrice has been in our life for a full three weeks now, and while we aren’t feeling any more rested (that will come eventually, right?), we are starting to feel a lot more settled.

We’ve continued to get out and about as a family because life doesn’t stop for anyone, especially four year olds and two year olds ;-). We’ve had our share of ups and downs along the way as we adjust to being a family of five. It’s funny, though, I now realize that newborns are a piece of cake compared to toddlers. Oh the struggle.

I’ve had a few moments with just two of the kids this week and it’s funny how what used to feel like a handful now feels like a breeze. I thought one was hard until I had two, and two until I had three. Perspective is a funny, funny thing.

Oliver, Bea, and I went on a few outings while Theo was at preschool, and it’s been fun to get out together. Wednesday was the granddaddy of them all, however, when I took all three kids for a coffee date with a friend of mine who also has three kids. Craziness, folks. Sheer, craziness! (But fun :-).)IMG_8534

Side note: It’s amazing how puppy-like kids are. I mean, seriously. IMG_8531

Well, without further ado, here is my weekly list of things I love right now!:

This New Feature:

Netflix now offers a fireplace screensaver, complete with fire crackling and Christmas music! I love it. (I spy, with my little eyes, a sleepy, little baby!)


This Double Date

Last weekend, Mike and I went out with some friends of ours for the first sushi/night out with friends in months. The sushi tasted delicious (we ate sooo much), but the time with friends in a fun setting was even better! Bea went with us, but slept clear through her first sushi experience.

This Family Adventure

I found a new spot to go look at Christmas lights and, wow, let me tell you, we were not prepared for what was in store. So many lights. So many people. It was total madness. But so much fun! The lights were at an Ohio Metro Park and not only was the whole park decorated with huge displays, but one of their walking paths was decorated with display after display of movie themed lights. Everything from Christmas Vacation, to Elf, to A Christmas Story was represented in lights. It was pretty cool.

This Playdate

Theo has been begging us to have friends over lately, and even though I wasn’t really ready to add any more toddlers to the mix, I love that he wants to invite people to his home and wanted to encourage him in that. So I said yes, because it feels so good to say yes to my wild little boy after saying “no” so, dang, much.

So Theo invited a little buddy over and together we all dipped things in chocolate. All in all the playdate lasted less than two hours, but Theo had so much fun and it felt good to give my boy something that I knew he not only wanted, but truly needed.

This Big Boy

It’s still a little hard for me to acknowledge that Oliver isn’t our baby anymore. What’s harder still is that he has turned the corner with his behavior and is fully in the tantrum stage that most kids deal with at this age. I know this stage isn’t forever, but it’s one that I really struggle with. I have a hard time not letting my stress level escalate with the tantrum. Last week, at a coffee date, Oliver was the same, sweet boy that I know and love and it was a much needed break from all the screaming and yelling.IMG_8368

This Sling

I love my ring sling so much, especially for when my babies are small. They are just so soft and squishy and I love it to death that I get to have them close and listen to their little coos and feel the rise and fall of their sweet breath. I also love Starbucks, as you can see in the photo below. I can make coffee at home, and do. I know it’s cheaper, quicker, and more economical. But thank you Jesus that we live in a world where Starbucks exists, where I can go and sit in my car with my kids strapped in like the lunatics that they are, and have someone hand me coffee. That I didn’t make. And won’t have to clean up. Oh sweet bliss.

I’m not ashamed to say that this is very often the highlight of my day.

Not pictured in photo below: the two little boys fighting outside, while I do my best to ignore it and instead enjoy my snuggly baby and black, Christmas blend coffee. (Hashtag, I don’t feel bad. Hashtag, they’ll survive. Hashtag, coffee I love you so muuuuch.)


This Baking Day

You know how people are always saying you can’t compare your life to the photos you see of your friends on social media? Well here is a good example of that. This week, the boys and I had a blast making gingerbread cookies. I mean, like seriously, so much fun.

They were great. I was tickled pink that they were having so much fun. And I took a bunch of really cute pictures. But the pictures only tell a very small portion of the story. What do they not tell you? I’m so glad you asked!

-I was supposed to let the dough chill for an hour. I “accidentally” let it chill for over 24 hours. When I pulled it out, it was hard as a rock. It took another 12 hours to become pliable again.

-Both boys sneezed alllll over the dough. Several times.

-The kitchen was such a disaster after we were done that it literally looked like I took a a dozen or so gingerbread cookies and just threw them as hard as I could against my cupboards.

-Because of said chilling snafoo and said sneezing on said dough, we did not eat the cookies. Well, I let the boys each eat one, but I had to draw a line somewhere. Thank goodness the dough didn’t have any eggs in it.

So you see! Life, every single moment of it, is a compilation of the good and the bad, the hard and the easy, the joy and the pain. Don’t think that your life is better or worse because of one snapshot, one comparison. We are all on this same earth, facing similar yet different struggles.

For me, this week, my struggles included tantrums, disobedient children, fussy eaters, self control with my coffee consumption, and body image issues (hellllo postpartum). You may or may not have struggled with any of that same stuff, but I’m sure you faced some hard and good things, too. We’re all in it together, friends.

PS I love that last photo, of all three of my crew in the kitchen with me. My tiny little kitchen, with my three little ones. That, was definitely a good moment. So, so good.


7 thoughts on “Thursday Things I Love: Sushi, Netflix, and Ring Slings

  1. I just have one toddler and am kind of terrified to have another, but your sweet and fun post makes it sound like survivable insanity! And I am SO with you on the Starbucks. Thanks for this!

    1. Oh it so is! It’s true what they say, though. You simply let go a little bit more with each additional child – in a good way! I’m so much more laid back with my third than I ever was with my first. It’s a little terrifying to take the plunge, but once you’ve done it you realize it’s totally worth it ;-). Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love the first picture in this post – such a great shot! Thanks for the tip about the Netflix fireplace video…last winter I pulled one up on YouTube every time I wanted the fake fire. Netflix is even better!

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