Quiet Mornings & Christmas Anticipation

It’s a dark and rainy morning. Mike has the coffee going and breakfast is cooking. Bea slept like a rock star last night (from 1:30-6:00, woohoo!). And despite both boys waking up for various reasons over the early morning hours, they are both back in bed.


It’s a Christmas miracle. 

Christmas Eve is but a few, short days away. Most of my shopping is done, but I have a few groceries to get and last minute gifts to pick up. I plan to do most of that today and then all I’ll have left to do is pick up the fish I plan to make for our Christmas dinner.

I’m so excited.

As our family has grown, we continue to pare back. To simplify. To make sure that the good stuff doesn’t get lost in the weeds.

So Christmas Eve will be simple. A brunch with family. A candle lit service. Take out and Christmas jammies for dinner.

Christmas day will be spent at home: Present opening in the morning with the kids. I’m going to try my hand a homemade sticky buns (perhaps the worlds worst name for a food item, is it not?) while Mike whips up breakfast, then lots of coffee, naps, and togetherness for the rest of the day. I always prepare a big, special dinner for just us Christmas Evening.

We will put on our nicest Christmas outfits. I’ll set the table with our nicest china. And although it will still be a dinner with three kids under the age of four, it will still be our tradition, and it will still be so…nice.

Nice to be home. Nice to be together.

It may be rainy and warm instead of snowy and cold. And most of my Christmas decorations might still be in the attic. And I might not really know what date it is.

But I do know this.

Christmas is soon. Just around the corner. And I can’t wait. IMG_8686

2 thoughts on “Quiet Mornings & Christmas Anticipation

  1. Sure sounds like the Christmas Spirit has found you all and is settling in nicely. Isn’t Christmas Eve nearly as magical as Christmas day? Merry Christmas to you and your fam!

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