Our Family Christmas Album

We celebrated our family Christmas with jammies, good food, lots of coffee, cat-naps on the sofa, and plenty of toy playing on the floor in front of the tree. My first ever attempt at making sticky buns was a success (look for another post this week with all the food I made over the holidays), the boys had fun playing with their loot, and Mike and I enjoyed a day with no expectations other than to stay put and just relax.

Sure the boys tussled with each other over toys a few times, and Bea was a little fussy now and then, and I felt a little guilty over the amount of calories consumed before 10 am, but all in all it was really a wonderful Christmas. 

Since having kids, we’ve cherished our Christmas days at home. No running around. No traveling. No place to be, but home. We consciously made the decision to keep Christmas day just to ourselves, and we’ve continued to guard and uphold that decision each year.

I have lots of opinions about the great lengths we all go to in order to fulfill family obligations during the holidays, but I’ll keep those opinions to myself so that you all will still like me and keep reading my blog. Suffice it to say that the family that is priority number one around the holidays are the people living under my roof, and protecting that investment has not only be refreshing, but also completely rewarding.

We celebrated with my immediate family by brunching (did I just make up that word?) at my brother and sister in law’s house on Christmas Eve, then saw my extended family the day after Christmas. But Christmas day is our day to be home and I love it more than words can say. I love being at home with my little family, starting our own traditions and enjoying the holidays – Shipper style.

Take a look.

(Warning, you might just die over the cuteness of a certain set of matching jammies.)




Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning :-).


Everyone got a thrifted Christmas mug in their stocking!




The boys love their coffee.


I asked for a new beanie for Christmas and I loved the one Mike picked out for me. Theo took this photo of me, lol. 🙂



Obligatory photo with mom.


We had a surprise visit from our neighbor – and the boys’ best buddy – Ben. He even brought gifts. Heart meltingly adorable.



Boys in a box. This did not end well, in case you are curious.


The boys love play dough. I filled their stockings with new colors and cookie cutters and they immediately headed to the kitchen to try it all out.


Breakfast! Mike made the omelets, I made the sticky buns. We make a delicious team. (It should be noted that the boys wouldn’t eat any of this. They wanted yogurt and pop tarts. What is wrong with these children???)


Pumpkin sticky buns with caramel-pecan sauce.


Plenty of naps all around! Baby Bea sure loves being held by her daddy.


Beatrice’s first Christmas.


This man. Gosh I love him. Like..a lot. And those little heads, watching their momma and daddy love each other. That is what it’s all about folks. That is why we stay home. Because there is plenty of time the rest of the year to run here, run there; to be with these people or be with those people. But Christmas day is just too dang special to spend with too many people. The saying, “a mile wide and an inch deep” comes to mind. I don’t want to be spread thin on this special day. I wanna lay it on reeeeal thick.

So we keep the numbers small, the spirits high, the love bubblin, and the coffee brewin for the Shipper Family Christmas Celebration.

And I love it.






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