My Favorite Holiday Moments

I know I am not alone in feeling like the holidays hit like a hurricane and are over before they ever really start, leaving us all reeling in the aftermath. Not to say that the holidays are bad, they can just be a whirlwind! Before I move onto what is next, I wanted to take a moment to think about a few special highlights from the 2015 holiday season. Take a look!


Oliver and I were ready to go to Uncle Josh’s house for our Christmas Even brunch and stopped to take a selfie by the tree. Oliver just loooves to smooch. And I love to smooch my Oliver.


I got together with a group of my friends for a Christmas dinner. I’m so blessed by the incredible group of ladies in my life that I get to call friends!


My long time friend, Laurie, came up for a visit over the holidays. As you can see, the whole family loves our Laurie!


Mike took his guitar to my mom’s side of the family get together and we all sang a few Christmas songs. We’ve never done this before but it was SO much fun!


Every year, my family (my mom and dad, Josh and Rhiannon, and Mike and myself), create a Christmas poem. We each take turns writing a few lines each day and at our get together we combine it all and Josh reads the final product. This year we forgot about it, so we all wrote one big poem at the afore mentioned family get together. This was my grandpa’s poem and I just love it. It’s as beautiful as it is sweet. In case you can’t read his writing, it says:

I have peace
I have joy
Today was born
A baby boy
A king of kings
A king of love
Sent by God
From high above


Josh, my grandpa, me. Love this picture.


A little girl in her Christmas outfit, complete with bow booties. Adorable. The cuteness is out.of.control.


This picture just kills me. Bea is crying. Oliver has a black eye. And I had to bribe Theo with candy to get him to sit for the photo. Real life, folks. Cute in a picture, sweat-inducing in the moment.


Cookie baking day this year with both Theo and Oliver definitely ranks as one of my favorite holiday moments. I know I’ve already posted this, but it’s worth a second mention.


I loved being in my brother and sister in law’s house for our Christmas Eve brunch. It is so incredibly fun being an adult together as siblings. I mean, we had fun as kids, but now we get to have fun in each other’s houses. So awesome.


Hands down, favorite photo from the 2015 Christmas season. I still can’t believe there are five of us. Five! I did a double take the first time I looked at this pic and had a “holy crap there are five of us!” moment. It’s so crazy. It’s so chaotic. It’s so out of control. And actually…I really kind of love it.

People always say that your third child forces you to let go in ways that you don’t with just one or two. I didn’t know what that meant until Bea’s arrivel but boy-oh-boy is it true. You can’t care about all the things any more. You can’t obsess over every detail. You can’t even let the same stuff get to you that once put you over the edge.

We wanted a traditional candle lit service for Christmas Eve; one that reminded Mike and I of the services we grew up attending. So after brunch and naps, we headed to a local church that a friend of mine attends that we knew would be just that. It was a disaster.

Bea cried the whole time. Oliver literally ran up the isle at one point. And Theo talked non stop. Oh, and Theo and Oliver fussed over the toys I brought to keep them quiet. (Oh the irony.) At one point our family was literally shussed by the people behind us. (I wanted to die). So during the second to last hymn, I gathered all our crap up in one arm, Bea in the other, and hustled Theo out to the hallway where Mike was already, letting Oliver (who was practically frothing at the mouth), run laps. We headed home to eat pizza and try and forget about the last 45 minutes.

And I tell you all this to say, that while I was pretty bummed about the absolute disaster my family was at the Christmas Eve service, I was over it by the time I walked in the door (about 3 minutes later). This is not the old Bekah. The old Bekah would have been so disappointed. So bummed. So frustrated. For-ev-er.

But mother-of-three Bekah? She recognized that she accomplished what she set out to do: a traditional Christmas Eve service and pizza for dinner. The details might have been different than expected, but good grief we did it.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of becoming a family of five. We are a hot mess. But we are a beautiful mess. And I can see the beauty more than the mess…most of the time. (hashtag, winning)



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday Moments

  1. Aww… what a great story. Isn’t it great releasing yourself from great expectations? My brother in law has 4 kids and I see the same happiness in them as I see here. And no matter how many kids one has, the struggle is real 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you! It can be hard to not beat yourself up with too high expectations in parenthood; I think we all do it one way or another. But kids have a way of forcing you to let go. As you said, the struggle IS real, lol. 🙂

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