Thursday Things I Love: The Little Things

It’s been a big week.

The Shipper Fab Five has been a little off their game this week, leaving me feeling more drab than fab, but life will do that to ya from time to time. So this week’s Thursday Things I Love is my way of noticing the things that count. Because while my reality might scream “no!” (no literally, there is has been so much yelling this week…), my truth yells back “yes!”

Life is still good even when the details are hard. I’m still tough even when I have moments of weakness. And our path is still moving forward even if we – momentarily – take a few steps back.

This week I’m loving –

Keeping things simple. Meals. Outfits. Schedules. I don’t want to say we are in “survival mode” because that sounds so dire. Instead, it’s more of an acknowledgement of our reality and as a result, making wise choices with our limited resources. Which is a fancy way of saying we are in survival mode ;-).

The other night I made a delicious roasted red pepper hummus for supper with only five ingredients: roasted red peppers, cannellini beans, 1 clove of garlic, 1 TB lemon juice, and 2 TB of evoo. It was wonderful!

Documenting my beautiful girl. Ok, if I’m honest, I’m totally psyched about playing dress up with Bea each day. She is just so gorgeous and the clothes are so stinkin cute. But as someone who loves photography, I also love stopping a moment in time and going back to visit it over and over. Especially with Beatrice being such a fussy baby, I so enjoy capturing the moments where she is calm and happy and going back to them to stare at her in awe in that creepy, stalker-mom way that mothers have.

Onsie would be more accurate if read, “FAR from happy.”



Winter finally arriving. The past two months in Ohio have just been ugly. Overcast and gray, with the awful mid-range temps that are cold enough to kill everything but too warm to look and feel like winter. Ug. Blah. Grrr. But this week, we not only got snow, but also sunshine! Oh glorious sun. The days are so much better when it’s around!

Our backyard in the early morning.

Clean countertops and freshly baked treats.


One day I posted something on Instagram about how I’ve either really embraced the simple things of life, or I need to get out more often. This line item really reflects both. We have been a bit house bound this week. But goodness, it really is the simple things in life sometimes that boost the spirit. One day, while all three kids were napping (you heard me right! holla!), I spent two hours frantically cleaning my kitchen.

I recently read someone who said that she starts cleaning like mad when she can’t accept that everything else in her life is out of control. Umm. gulp. That sounds familiar.

But two hours and a delicious peach baked oatmeal in the oven later, I was able to simply enjoy my cozy and clean kitchen and let go of the rest.

Good books and quiet moments in my favorite spot.


I haven’t had much alone or quiet time lately. Truth be told, I’ve barely had time to blog. So the moments that I DO have to myself, where I can sit down with a cup of coffee and a book are pure gold. The moment pictured above didn’t last long, maybe 20 minutes or so. But it was enough to breath a little life into my tired mind and keep me going that day. Bea was calm, my coffee was hot, and the boys were outside playing in the snow so I could actually hear my own thoughts as I read. Glory Be.

I’ve never been good at being satisfied. In some ways, this is the fire that keeps me motivated and always reaching for more. But in plenty of other ways it’s what’s kept me dissatisfied with the here and now.

To be perfectly honest, each day this week has contained multiple moments where I feel so overwhelmed that I wonder how I’m going to do this. Those are the moments where my mind starts to race and I think about what’s next. The next good thing. The next stage that SURELY will be easier than the one we are currently in (will I never learn???).  Anything but this here and now.

I don’t want to always be thinking about what’s next with my kids. I know things feel hard, but there is also plenty of good mixed in with the hard. If I can’t sift out the hard to focus on the good, then there is a very real chance that I’ll throw out the good with the hard. And I’ll miss it. I’ll miss the moments that seem small now, but I know, I just know will mean something to me when they’re gone.

It sounds so cliche but cliches are cliches for a reason. Namely, because they contain a nugget of truth.

My truth right now: all the bad can’t dim the light of the good, unless I let it.



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