Five Things

1) I watched this video of James Corden from the Late Late Show where he drives around with Adele and they karaoke together and he interviews her between songs. There may or may not be a Spice Girl’s song included in the mix. Watch it. It’s kinda the best.

2) I don’t know if it’s the cold temperatures, shortened days, or maybe I just have scurvy, but I’ve been craving citrus like you wouldn’t believe. I filled the bottom half of a Ball Jar with sliced oranges and lemon and then topped it off with water for a very refreshing (and healthful) drink!

3) I thought this article was interesting, about how to get a job based on what you want and not the degree you have.

4) I made this pizza quinoa casserole the other night (you heard me right!) and it was so stinkin good! Next time I might make two because we devoured ours, leaving me unable to help myself to additional servings (boo). I might even top the boys’ with pepperoni to make it extra pizza like!

5) Theo started out strong with Beatrice’s name, saying “Beatrice Willow” so beautifully and sweetly. Somewhere along the lines, though, he has taken to calling her “Beatrice Jello,” which I’m not sure whether that’s a digression so much as it is simply, hilariously awesome.

Have an awesome weekend, my friends! May it be full of jello!


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