Thursday Things I Love: Coffee Breaks, Yoga & Beets

It’s been a good week. Beatrice has found her groove with nursing and sleeping longer stretches; Mike and I had an awesome date; Theo has been particularly sweet; and Oliver and I have enjoyed some special moments together while big brother was at school.

Here are a few of the things I’m loving this week:

This coffee break


Call me a bad mother, whatever, but yes, Oliver loves coffee. And when I break out the cookies for a mid-afternoon snack with my boy, coffee cup in hand, and he looks up at me with his cheesy grin and says, “coff-ee? coff-ee?”, what can I do but grab a mug and fill it with a dash of coffee and a little water? Best coffee break ever.

This cookies recipe

I needed to make cookies because I was hungry and I needed to make them vegan because we had flax seed and whole wheat flour but we didn’t have eggs or butter, dangit, and I needed to make OATMEAL cookies because I’m a 100 year old granny at heart. This recipe for Coconut Oil Cowboy Cookies from The Wholesome Dish was absolutely delicious.

This mom win


I’ve made homemade hummus two weeks in a row because it’s so easy and tasty and Theo happens to be a real hummus fanatic. The other day the boys wanted a snack and instead of asking them what they wanted I cut up some fresh veggies, spooned some hummus in a bowl, and set it before them like the little princes that they are, and they ate it. Satisfying my boys’ snacking needs will probably never be this simple or healthy ever, ever again, so I wanted this moment to be well documented. (I love Theo’s face in this picture. And I love how Oliver has hummus smeared all over his face and is double fisting the cucumber slices :-).)

This snowman


Theo has been dying to build a snowman, and last week, we finally had enough snow to make his little dreams come true. Together with his best buddy from next door, Theo put together a mighty fine looking snowman. He was so proud. It was adorable.

These beauties

I roasted some organic, multi colored, beets this week. Look at that color! As I always do when I roast beets, the ones that I don’t eat immediately go straight into the fridge to be used in salads and wraps the rest of the week. I made a salad with these gorgeous beets made of mixed greens, chickpeas, kalamata olives, honey goat cheese, and a homemade italian vinaigrette (Betty Crocker’s recipe is simply the best).

Simple. Stunning. Scrumptious.

This dress


Or more appropriately, ALL the dresses. Dying.

These people


My peope. My tribe. My little family. My peeps. My flesh and blood. Heart of my heart, soul of my soul.

The other day, I asked God what I needed more from him. The first word that came to mind: gratitude.

It’s so easy to begrudge the very gifts you begged for. This week, I asked to be reminded of the things in my life that inspire gratitude. And you know what? There was so much.

But mostly, there was them.

This practice


I have a story to tell with my yoga. A story of strength. A story of joy. A story of grace. The story, of me. I’m so happy to be back on my mat, breathing fresh life into my practice, and my story.

This church service


Bea doesn’t usually fall asleep in our arms since she has been so fussy, so I had to document this moment. She was so sweet and so zonked. What was church about? I dunno. I was too busy being in a state of Heaven that was as spiritual as it was special.

This moment

So one day, they boys and I were in the kitchen, baking together. Bea was on the floor in the family room right next to us. At one point, Oliver headed back to his room and came back dragging a plastic blue chair. He plopped down beside his sister. At this point, I thought, “This is either going to be funny or cute. Either way, get your camera ready, girl.”

Oliver did not disappoint.

For a moment, he just sits next to Bea, looking adorable in his little apron, and kinda looks at her in a way that I can’t really describe. Next thing I know, he bends over to pick her up. I hear him mutter, “head…butt,” which are the instructions we’ve given Theo on how to pick up/hold his sister. (I know, right?)

He had this look of intention on his face. Like his brother, Theodore, Oliver is also very determined. But unlike Theo, Oliver has this incredible confidence about him. He exuded this caretaker quality. This quality of confidence.  He kinda looked…motherly. Like I said, you had to be there.

Oliver drew Bea to his chest and, despite her starting to wail because Bea just does that, Oliver, oblivious to the cries, holds her close and kisses her with a “love you baby seeester.”

Ug. I died. I’m still kinda dying. SO. SWEET.

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