Five Things

1) I purchased activated charcoal tablets awhile back to have on hand this winter in case the stomach flu strikes. But after finding this recipe for DIY charcoal Face Mask, I might have to use a few capsules on my face! (Curious how activated charcoal can help with your family’s stomach flu symptoms? Read this article.) 

2) If you are a fan of old movies like me, then you might know that the Sabrina with Harrison Ford was a remake, not the original. In the remake, Sabrina goes off to Paris and becomes a photographer. In the original, with the ever lovely Audrey Hepburn, Sabrina goes off to Paris to study cooking. There is one particularly great scene where she struggles to get the knack of cracking an egg open with one hand. I confess, I’ve always wished I could do this but have never been successful. But I read this article and I think I’m going to give it some more practice. Here’s hoping!

3) I follow this really lovely blog, The Stork and the Beanstalk, and she recently blogged about such a cool idea. She is currently pregnant with her third baby, and each pregnancy she puts together a “post-pregnancy-prize-pack.” These are items that she stashes away over the course of her pregnancy to surprise and reward herself after delivery. I love this idea.

4) I’m excited to announce that I’ve asked quite a few of my super talented, wonderfully witty, and extremely kind friends and family to contribute their thoughts to His Girl Friday. Over the coming months, I’ll be including a guest post (or two) each week. I’m so grateful for the people who have agreed to add their voice and stories to this blog. Stay tuned; I know you will want to hear what they have to say.

5) One day this week, the boys were crazy. Like, insane. We had 30 minutes until preschool and I still had to eat, feed Bea, and get everyone packed up and out the door. I put one boy on the sofa and the other boy on a chair and told them to stay put or someone WAS GONNA DIE.

At first they moped, they wined, they acted like I had severed a limb. But after about 60 seconds of that, they started up with their brotherly antics: Making weird noises, giggling at the weird noises, and trying to imitate each other’s weird noises. BOYS!. They are so weird. Anyways. As all this is going on, I’m sitting at the dining room table, eating my lunch and watching them. The thought occurs to me that although I’m their mom, there will always  be a part of them that will remain separate from me. Their brotherly bond, already forming, will be a force unto itself, binding them forever and setting them apart from the rest of the world. This thought didn’t make me sad; quite the opposite. I thought how lucky they are to have each other, and it made me wonder what amazing things they will do, because of it.

Happy Friday, love muffins!

Sabrina movie photo curated from here.

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