Why I Love Baby Wearing (and My Carrier Recommendations)

I’m a big fan of baby wearing. Your babies. My babies. ANYbody’s babies! It’s just the best.

I love having my kiddos tucked in close. I love the convenience of having my hands free. I love that is means less baby equipment. When we had Theo we didn’t even own an infant car seat (we had the permanent kind); I just wore him around in my ring sling. Then Oliver came along and the only way I could get errands done, like grocery shopping, was to have Oliver in a carrier and so that I could be unencumbered to chase after Theo. Now that we have Bea, there have been plenty of family walks where Theo walks on his own, Oliver is in the stroller (or wagon), and I wear Bea. 

I’ve worn my babies on my chest, my hip, and now – thanks to the carrier I got when Oliver was born – on my back (I’ll discuss the types of carriers I’ve used at the end of this post). My kiddos have been nursed in carriers, fallen asleep in carriers, have gone to weddings/the zoo/restaurants/hikes in carriers. I’ve swept the house with a fussy one year old on my back. I’ve made dinner with a cuddly baby on my chest. You name it, we’ve probably done it. And I love it. More than I can adequately put into words.

Maybe photos will tell the story better than I can. Take a look:

I bought this ring sling locally from a woman who makes and sells them. It’s made of cotton.
I have so many good memories of wearing my Theo. These photos were taken shortly after we moved into our home, so Theo would be about a year old here.
Baby Oliver!
Oliver LOVED being worn.
This is the ONLY way I could grocery shop with these two boogers. Oliver would sleep away in my carrier while I tried to keep Theo trapped in the cart.
One of my all time favorite momma pictures. Love it so much.
Multitasking – wearing Oliver while riding a merry go round with Theo during our first visit to the zoo together.
Festivals and fairs: Wearing one kid and holding the other’s hand is so much easier than trying to navigate crowds with a stroller.
Getting stuff done: Sometimes the only way to get stuff done and keep your sanity is to strap a little one to your back and get to work like the boss you are. Hashtag, beastmode.
I love this picture that Mike took of me and Oliver when we were out on a family walk a year ago after a big snow storm.
This carrier is so adjustable, both me and my baby can be bundled up nice and warm and there is plenty of space to still use the carrier.
Sweet Baby O.
Cooking dinner with Oliver.
The kids and I take A LOT of walks. Baby wearing makes these trips so much easier (and safer).
Monkey see, monkey do.
Another one of our walks (on a day that Oliver was apparently grouchy, lol).
I love that I have a hubby who is a proud baby-wearin-daddy. And he looks so dang good doin it! (Cue cat calls.)
Trick-or-treating this year: The crowds were crazy so, again, baby wearing made our experience easier and safer!
I posted this picture on Instagram awhile back. I needed my ring sling for Bea but Theo wanted something to carry “Patches” around in. I improvised with one of my scarves.
Ignore how horrible I look here, but this was only about two weeks after having Bea so I was pretty sleep deprived. Anyways…this was Bea’s first family walk.
Taking all three of my kiddos on a walk to the park!
This carrier made our trip to the ER with Theo so much easier, but it also made me feel better having Bea snuggled up against me as I felt it would keep her shielded from the germs. Whether or not this is factual, it at least helped soothe my momma anxiety.

We own three types of carriers, but as you can see from my photos, I only use two of the three.

ring sling – my favorite for newborns and babies. These slings keep baby nice and close and cuddly, and they are incredibly easy to put on. They are small and travel light. They are made out of breathable fabric so you can use them on a hot day without sweating like crazy, but because of the way you wear them, they are a tad tricky to use over a bulky, winter coat. Here is a really helpful video to explain how to put your baby in your sling. Here is a tutorial on how you can make your own ring sling! (I would still wear my toddler on my hip in this sling – and did with Theo – but as someone with a lot of neck and shoulder pain, I now use my Beco carrier once our kids get older.)

Beco carrier – Guys, this carrier is a game changer. I know what you might be thinking. “But I like/have heard good things about the Ergo/Moby/etc.” I’m telling you, I’ve tried them all and NOTHING compares to this carrier. You can carry out in front with most carriers, but this one also allows you to carry on your back. So there are actually four carrying options: front – front facing, front – back facing, hip, and back. You can carry newborns up to a 45 pound toddler. I’ve worn our kids for hours in this carrier without so much as a single tight muscle. And, it’s easy to adjust for Mike and I to take turns using the carrier. I cannot recommend this carrier high enough. It retails for about $140 on Amazon and honestly, it’s worth every penny.

Moby – Mike likes to use the Moby. I do not :-).

And there you have it. I hope you’ve found this little baby wearing/carriers tutorial helpful! Feel free to contact me with any additional baby wearing questions you might have!

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